Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Been Nice Around These Parts

Winter of 2007/2008 was horrible. I was living in a crappy apartment, in a crappy neighborhood, with some very annoying (and a couple nice) roommates, work was stressing me out, I was homesick and questioning my decision to stay in NYC after graduation, Michele had abandoned me and moved to DC, and Davis and I fought and threatened each other with a breakup every day. I remember crying a lot that winter. I was constantly evaluating every aspect of my life and trying to figure out why I wasn't happy and what I needed to do to change it. What did I need to do to put me where I needed to be? I thought about running away from everything and starting over again .... Moving back to Utah? A European extravaganza? Cali? None of these lovely options felt right, and so I hunkered down and continued the drudgery of everyday life. As the temps warmed up things started to change for me. Nothing huge happened, but I was able to make changes to be happy. I moved into a cute new place with normal people, started excelling at and enjoying my job, fell back in love with the city, and something magical started happening with Davis. During that summer, I stopped stressing out about the future and started living in the moment. I have so many fun memories of that time because I opened up to new friends and new adventures and was genuinely happy. The new warmth I gained over the summer carried over into the fall and everything in life was falling into place. That was the fall we decided to get married. I remember being overcome with happiness for everything going on around me. I was living in a bubble where nothing could go wrong (even if it was going wrong). Davis losing his job? Who cares. Not being able to get rid of Davis and Ron's lease? No biggie? Moving into the bachelor pad WITH Davis AND Ron? SURE! The bubble didn't last forever, I guess that would be impossible. The first year of marriage brought unexpected challenges for two people used to being able to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to do it. I've had my share of rollercoaster rides since then, but every once in a while, I have moments that are so perfect I want to preserve them in a snow globe so I can shake them up whenever I want to see them again. I've been feeling this way the last few months. I want to capture every little moment and save it forever. The best part of it is that nothing fancy has been going on but something amazing has been happening. Sometimes things are just a little easier for no apparent reason. It makes me scared for what is ahead because I know this will pass, but until it does... Here's to Fall 2011 when new jobs were started, mountains were climbed, rivers were walked along, books were read, songs were sung, dogs were cuddled, Settlers was won (by me), roads were tripped, friends were around (everyday), family was close by, and husbands and wives cuddled on the couch watching trashy TV. And don't forget about the hustlin'.

Baby Coming

High school friend, Heids, is HAVING A BABY. We celebrated the other night w friends from high school, college and later (what is a name for the post-college stage?). It was fun to see everybody and catch up.

Tripping to The Bay

Every year Neil Young puts on a big benefit concert for The Bridge School. I went a few times w my bros and their wives/girlfriends in high school and college but haven't been back for a long time. This year, the line up was too tempting to miss so I convinced Nici to join me. Since the Utes were also in town Peter joined us for the long drive and we met up with Dave in the city. Here is some proof of our travels....


Last night I went to The Tour. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. How have I been missing this all these years?? Highlights included the statue dance, Sasha and Twitch's number w Ricky covering and, of course, Melanie's solo. I can't stop thinking about that solo. Emotions were high and tears were shed... Oh and we ran into Mitchell who was out w an injury. BIG TIME!

Happy HalloWeiner

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm a Rock Star and a Mormon

DYING over this. DYING. I just wish he said, "I'm a rock star and a Mormon," at the end. That's all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Sure What to Do

since I'm done with Plants vs Zombies.

Friday, October 07, 2011

"ABC Reality Show"

This week we went up to PC to be in the crowd at a concert for a reality show. I'm not supposed to post pics of the star until it airs in January, but believe me, all of the single ladies were pretty giddy. It's embarrassing how much I love this kind of stuff.

Saturday, October 01, 2011