Sunday, August 28, 2011

the sssssssnake

saturday we got some duckies and headed down the snake. the river was one of the funnest heights I've ever been on it. Every rapid was the perfect mix of almost tipping but not being too scary. there's a new rapid too that was created by the landslide that was kind of amazing. it was amazing until we tipped over at the end of it. I was caught under the raft and Davis floated off down the riv. some randoms saved Davis from the next round of rapids and P&T picked me up. after our tip the skies got pretty cloudy and then we were hit by some of the hardest rain ever. at the end we hitch hiked back to the car and warmed up with some hot chocolate. a pretty exciting day!

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nerak said...

i'm pretty glad you didn't drown, you crazy girl. but sounds like an epic summer adventure. keep these posts up, and i may just have to move to utah post-oxford.