Sunday, June 05, 2011

5 Year Reunion

A few weeks ago Karen and Bryndee took a break from their fancy lives in London and NYC to visit the small-town girls in Utah. Bryndee, Kristan and I met for mid-week brunch to start the festivities off. Then Karen got in and we had a sleepover and stayed up too late catching up on all of the little things that we used to spend EVERY DAY talking about. We all moved to NYC around the same time and found each other instantly (along with a couple others). I don't think Michele and I would have made it through our first few months without them. I'm constantly trying to convince the rest of them to move to Utah, but I know that will never happen so I'm left with what I can get..... Days like the one Karen and I had after our sleepover where we slept then made our way to brunch with no other plans for ourselves. Then at the same time, we suggested going shopping, like we didn't already know that's what we'd be doing. After a few HOURS of shopping we left the stores with substantially less money than we arrived with because that's what we do, we talk each other into making crazy purchases that we would never make with anybody else and we giggle about it. As we make our next plan we both suggest at the same time AGAIN movie. Who were we kidding this time? We knew that's how we'd end our reunion because... That's just how we do it. For a whole day I felt like it was five years ago, and we were back in the city without a care in the world. Now if we could only make it happen more often.


nerak said...

seriously, could that have been more of a perfect day? i really really loved it. we were so on the same page of what we wanted to do that day. eat? shop? movie? recipe for perfection.

("substantially less money" haha SERIOUSLY. i'm waiting for a pic of that awesome blue pioneer dress you bought to show up on the blog!!)

Kristan said...

let's do it again so. come back kc and b!

MishMyBelle said...

sad I missed this! You girls all look great!