Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running and Life

I've been running alone quite a bit lately and even if I listen to the funnest, loudest, rockiest, pump- upiest music ever I get bored and want to walk so bad it kills me to keep running. THEN I started listening to episodes of This American Life instead of music and I now I can run as far as I want without getting bored. I always thought I needed music to pump me up while I run but it turns out I just need a good distraction. It's like a miracle drug. And speaking of drugs, this week's ep called "Tough Love" about a drug court in Georgia is SO good.

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Kiersten said...

I listened to that one. It was really good. That's a great idea to listen to it while running, because I get really bored, too. Not that I run all that much, unfortunately :)