Friday, February 18, 2011

killing me

fall 2009 i saw this cutest jacket in the patagonia on columbus ave. i didn't buy it because it was full price, and i only really buy patagonia at the outlet sales for about 75% off retail. so, i didn't think anything of, but i'd go in the store regularly on my walks with lyla, try the sweater on and put it back down, knowing that it would show up at an outlet sale sooner or later. well, today was the stupid outlet sale and what did i find out? it's completely sold out and is DISCONTINUED. what? they have the same thing EVERY year in there. how can the one thing i've been eyeing for the past 18 months be discontinued? i've been scouring the internet looking for one in my size and all i can find are L's and XL's. i'm considering gaining a little just so i can have the jacket. ... ah. i'm so sad right now. does anyone have one in a small they'd want to sale me?? PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE.

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Becca said...

josh has that. cute. the guy version, maybe?