Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early V-Day

Craig and Mary came to town to play hearts last weekend. On Friday night we were STARVING and waiting for Matt who was supposed to come over and then join us for dinner. Matt was running late and Mary and I kept suggesting that we meet him at the restaurant but Davis and Craig kept saying that he was almost here and it was just easier for him to come to the house bla bla bla. So we waited and when he showed up he was with another guy and they were our singing Valentines. Davis and Craig had planned it all along, and it was perfect.

After our songs we went to dinner and then hit up the DoDo for dessert. Then we might have gotten a little crazy with some teenage mischief before a wild game of hearts. Since Davis was out of town on the actual day of love (I spent that night with Nici, Ron, and B's), it was kind of perfect way to celebrate.


nerak said...

i want to know what this teenage mischief was. you can't tell us about it and then not say what you did.

Macy said...

yes, do tell. Did there happen to be any toilet papering involved?

slink said...

Where are the pic's of the TP?