Friday, February 18, 2011

all by myself

this week davis was in brazil so i had to find ways to keep myself busy. it kind of turned into a girl's week...

monday: run in 55 degree weather with ron. v-day dindin with nici and ron and then, of course, the bach.

tuesday: dindin with the fam at pat's bbq. yummy. oscar shorts at the tower.

wednesday: friends dinner at chili's. blizzard. sleepover.

thursday: ballet west's "sleeping beauty" for mom's birthday. exciting announcement from good friend right after!

friday morning: disappointing visit to the patagonia sale.

leaving to the airport to pick up d now. it's been a long week without him. too bad our weekend plans have been ruined with the crappy crappy weather. we will be having a stay-cation this weekend.

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