Wednesday, February 23, 2011

bunny hill

nici and davis took me to the bunny hill at Alta this weekend. kind of crazy that it was my first time since i've always just snow boarded. i think i'm converted to skiing for a bit. as long as I can keep myself from sliding backwards down the hill.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

killing me

fall 2009 i saw this cutest jacket in the patagonia on columbus ave. i didn't buy it because it was full price, and i only really buy patagonia at the outlet sales for about 75% off retail. so, i didn't think anything of, but i'd go in the store regularly on my walks with lyla, try the sweater on and put it back down, knowing that it would show up at an outlet sale sooner or later. well, today was the stupid outlet sale and what did i find out? it's completely sold out and is DISCONTINUED. what? they have the same thing EVERY year in there. how can the one thing i've been eyeing for the past 18 months be discontinued? i've been scouring the internet looking for one in my size and all i can find are L's and XL's. i'm considering gaining a little just so i can have the jacket. ... ah. i'm so sad right now. does anyone have one in a small they'd want to sale me?? PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE.

all by myself

this week davis was in brazil so i had to find ways to keep myself busy. it kind of turned into a girl's week...

monday: run in 55 degree weather with ron. v-day dindin with nici and ron and then, of course, the bach.

tuesday: dindin with the fam at pat's bbq. yummy. oscar shorts at the tower.

wednesday: friends dinner at chili's. blizzard. sleepover.

thursday: ballet west's "sleeping beauty" for mom's birthday. exciting announcement from good friend right after!

friday morning: disappointing visit to the patagonia sale.

leaving to the airport to pick up d now. it's been a long week without him. too bad our weekend plans have been ruined with the crappy crappy weather. we will be having a stay-cation this weekend.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hot spots

On Saturday we piled eight people into the Xterra and headed down to P-town for the big rivalry game. (if you're wondering, yes I wore red) We decided to hit up some BYU hot spots while we were down there so after the game we headed on over to Cafe Rio for dinner. My first pork salad was eaten at that Cafe Rio... remember how big of deal it was? Hour long waits... Kind of crazy. After dindin we hit up the Wilk for some bowling. When we were done bowling we sill hadn't had enough of the good old days so we took over a table at the Creamery for a few hours playing scum. While at it we even had a few celebrity sightings... Coach Rose ... Jackson Emery... BIG TIME. The night was an exercise in how much Provo we can handle. I'm trying to talk myself into being okay with it...

Early V-Day

Craig and Mary came to town to play hearts last weekend. On Friday night we were STARVING and waiting for Matt who was supposed to come over and then join us for dinner. Matt was running late and Mary and I kept suggesting that we meet him at the restaurant but Davis and Craig kept saying that he was almost here and it was just easier for him to come to the house bla bla bla. So we waited and when he showed up he was with another guy and they were our singing Valentines. Davis and Craig had planned it all along, and it was perfect.

After our songs we went to dinner and then hit up the DoDo for dessert. Then we might have gotten a little crazy with some teenage mischief before a wild game of hearts. Since Davis was out of town on the actual day of love (I spent that night with Nici, Ron, and B's), it was kind of perfect way to celebrate.

Monday, February 07, 2011


The weekend was kind of perfect with lots of fam time between Sundance and watching the big game. Now it's back to the Sunday night blues...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

sweet tooth

I used to stop at Crumbs and get either a black and white cookie or a good guy cupcake almost everyday on my way home from work. Davis came to pick me up from work today with a little surprise that was ALMOST as good as my old usual in NYC. I guess P town isn't ALL bad after all.

Back to the Grind

I never thought I was one who really enjoyed working that much. ha. But then I found something I was kind of crazy about in NYC. Sure, it had it's days, and I had more than enough moments of being beyond stressed out, but I really wish I could just plop that job, those kids, and my coworkers right down in Utah. The past few months I've been missing work a lot. Way more than I ever expected I would. I've been a little worried that I wouldn't find something I enjoyed as much as CAS. Looking and interviewing for jobs is prob the worst process in the world but the payoff can be pretty great. I have to say, I'm kind of excited about the new gig, and it has potential to be something I might be really excited about. This my first week working everyday and I'm pretty worn out. I've forgotten how hard it is to work everyday, but it's a pretty great feeling to come home feeling good about what you did with your day, especially when you're getting paid to do it.... Keeping my fingers crossed it's a good one... Here's some pics of the old gig... the unit I supervised, my old supervisor with old coworkers, and my bestie we started on the exact same day over 3 years ago. Good times in the Bronx.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

wyomin strong

went to wyoming for a beauty of a day of cross country skiing. hit up a bar in town for some line dancing. can't say it didn't feel good to get id'd. there's nothing that the road cannot heal.
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A Good Monday

-Training at new job with teeny tiny ones...
-"Best of Fest"
- dinner with friends
- The Bach
- hearts

who knew a monday could be so nice? kinda regretting staying up so late. my bod isn't used to getting up at 630. trying hard to keep my eyes open.