Wednesday, January 12, 2011

17 Again

Last night we went to see Dashboard for the 10th anniversary of their first album. Ah.. Remember how obsessed everyone was with Chris? There's like screaming out the words to every song to take you back to being a teenager again. I kind of love sing a long shows... And I kind of love feeling like a teenager for a few hours. Good times.


Nat Attack said...

Was it as good as that Vegas show we all went to?

And are you and Nic wearing the same thing again? I love all things nautical so whole-heartedly approve.

nici said...

Isn't it funny how reunion tours used to be for sad old guys who used to be in bands? Now that our bands are doing them, I don't see it that way.

Good times!

David said...

I think Paul went to this. Paul also went to the midnight showing of High School musical 1-3.

Hopefully it was free

maWeesa said...

Nat... I wish you had been there.. too bad it wasn't a week earlier! Nici... we are getting OLD i guess. Dave... I went to see HSM opening night at midnight... I guess Paul and I have more in common than I thought!

Team Gecko's Triumphs said...

awe... i wish i was 17 again with you guys!