Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Melancholy Hill

I really haven't missed NYC since we've been back. Strangely, I was sad to leave, but have quickly gotten wrapped up in life around here. There have been exactly three moments where it hit me that only a short time ago I lived in there, and I got nostalgic for exactly two seconds. The first moment was looking at shoes in Nordstrom with my mom... "Start Spreading the News" came on, and I felt like everything froze, and I realized that I used to LIVE there, actually live there, like I had forgotten. Later that week when we went to see "Morning Glory," and again..... time kind of stopped, and I felt like I was dreaming about something from a REALLY long time ago, or maybe only a month ago... WE USED TO LIVE THERE! Weird. Then I came across this little beauty that an Chateau just made... I actually got a teeny, tiny bit sad about being gone for the first time. Check it out, I think you'll like it. It might even make you sad that I now live in Utah and not NYC.

On Melancholy Hill - NYC Lights from Chateau Bezerra on Vimeo.

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