Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week One

storage unit for 90% of our belongings
moved into "the sandy house"
one baby blessing
one primary program
one new car
shopping for car #2
first roommate dinner
trip to star valley
lots of hot tub time
lots of bath time
big cottonwood
this is the place
128 at bowling
utah won
byu lost
scum, scum and more scum
missing work
trips to visit lyla
glitter toes
looking for jobs
turtle funeral
family dinners

feels like it's been more than a week


Team Gecko's Triumphs said...

hello! where are you living? I should call you.. expect me, tomorrow. I need a major mel update!

The Baughman Family said...

Sounds like you guys are having way too much fun up at "the sandy house"!!! Wish we were there. Save the bunkroom for us. Thanks!