Friday, October 22, 2010

A Few Lasts

Since we only found out we were moving three weeks before we left things got a bit crazy packing everything in. I'm sure some people were glad we left so that they didn't have to eat at anymore places "one last time." Here are a few of our lasts in NYC...

Sushi Night

Scooter Ride

Sunday Dinner at Patsy's

My mom was so nice and came out to help us pack (and to shop and eat and go to a show)

and, of course, to take Lyla home with her.

One last scoot ride with the friends for dinner.

Goodbye Dinner at Patsy's

Jersey Night at Cheesecake

Saturday Brunch

Dinner with Columbia Friends

Last Sunday

And now... we are trying to get rid of all of those LB's we packed during those last three weeks.


Jo said...

Fun pictures, Melissa. Aren't you glad you'll have those forever? Such great friends you guys made there!

You two are a handsome couple, and I especially love the picture of you outside your Church.

Also, what a great picture of you and Pinky. You two definitely look related! How nice of her to fly out and help you.

MishMyBelle said...

Jen and Kelly!! How are they? I love that you kept in touch with them. I am going to miss having you somewhat close to me.