Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Spring List ...

There’s something about good weather and good music that go together. Here are some goodies...

The song I can currently listen to on repeat for hours:

1. “Heart Skipped a Beat” by The XX

A fun 80’s song:

2. “We Close Our Eyes” by Oingo Boingo

A few new ones:

3. “Zebra” by Beach House

4. “Two” by The Antlers

5. “Ambling Alp” by Yeasayer

6. “No Intention” by Dirty Projectors

7. “Excuses” by The Morning Benders

The song from the band I’ve heard is really good in concert, but I still haven’t seen:

8. “Finish Line” by Fanfarlo

The song from the singer I kind of want to be:

9. “Thieves” by She & Him

A new one from the band that seemed to be the most licensed band of the last few years:

10. “Congratulations” by MGMT

The big hit of the summer:

11. “Imma Be” by Black Eyed Peas

A fun one:

12. “22 “ by Lily Allen

The song from a couple of guys who left other bands and made a new band:

13. “The High Road” by Broken Bells

The song from the reunion tour of the summer I most want to go to:

14. “Cut Your Hair” by Pavement

The song that makes it onto most of my lists because I really just like it that much:

15. “La Cienega Just Smiled” by Ryan Adams

Happy listening!

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nici said...

good mix...glad i have some new stuff to check out