Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"If I Could"

My brother, Peter, is one of the more opinionated people I know. He's opinionated to the point of being annoying. Usually it just cracks me up because I happen to agree with most of what he's annoying about. Today I was not cracking up I was annoyed.

Nici and I were talking about our upcoming FLOOR TICKETS TO THE U2 CONCERT and somehow we ended up in a group chat with Peter discussing the pros and cons of liking U2. Peter does not like U2. Nici and I happen to LOVE them. I'm not sure why, but U2 seems to be quite the polarizing band. We tried to talk Peter into coming to the show with us and he named a number of bands he would rather see than U2. Phish was one of the bands he mentioned and Nici and I teased him about the need to grow out of his hippie days of old. You think I'm kidding about the hippie days, I'm not....

I don't disagree with him that Phish is a good show. I saw them about ten years ago, and I tried to see them again a few months ago but they sold out a little too fast. I just happen to be a person who thinks U2 and Phish are BOTH fun shows. Anyway, I was taking Lyla out tonight and the song "If I Could" just popped right into my head. I guess it was the talk of Phish earlier in the day, but I hadn't thought about that song for quite sometime. I realized that I missed it so I came inside and I've had it on repeat since. It's a goody. For some reason listening to that song made me homesick. I wish I was HOME. Not in New York, but HOME because no matter how many good days I have here, because no matter how fun it can be here, because no matter how much I love my job, because no matter how goods it's been for me to be away, because no matter anything, New York is never going to be HOME. If I was HOME right now I'd be at the Martin Sexton concert singing my little heart out instead of having a girls night with Lyla.
"If I could I would, but I don't know how...."


Tia said...

opinionated to the point of being annoying?? No, not Peter :) Man, I love that song! Another fave is Prince Caspian.

Melissa, we miss you and can't wait until you are HOME for good one day. But until then, we will keep visiting. said...


nici said...

That picture cracked me right up - and just imagine - those were his glory days. So pathetic.

I want you to move home too. Geeze.