Monday, May 31, 2010

And So It Begins...

The first beach day of the summer. holla.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i need

more days like this....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

to 5 finger or not?

and yes, these are my legs, not a man's, pre-spring shave

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Davis Bell and Friends

Yep, finally did a Ragnar with these lovelies..
We even got tramp stamps to prove it...

oh yeah, and we were sponsored...

There's already talk of a repeat in vegASS... holla!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"If I Could"

My brother, Peter, is one of the more opinionated people I know. He's opinionated to the point of being annoying. Usually it just cracks me up because I happen to agree with most of what he's annoying about. Today I was not cracking up I was annoyed.

Nici and I were talking about our upcoming FLOOR TICKETS TO THE U2 CONCERT and somehow we ended up in a group chat with Peter discussing the pros and cons of liking U2. Peter does not like U2. Nici and I happen to LOVE them. I'm not sure why, but U2 seems to be quite the polarizing band. We tried to talk Peter into coming to the show with us and he named a number of bands he would rather see than U2. Phish was one of the bands he mentioned and Nici and I teased him about the need to grow out of his hippie days of old. You think I'm kidding about the hippie days, I'm not....

I don't disagree with him that Phish is a good show. I saw them about ten years ago, and I tried to see them again a few months ago but they sold out a little too fast. I just happen to be a person who thinks U2 and Phish are BOTH fun shows. Anyway, I was taking Lyla out tonight and the song "If I Could" just popped right into my head. I guess it was the talk of Phish earlier in the day, but I hadn't thought about that song for quite sometime. I realized that I missed it so I came inside and I've had it on repeat since. It's a goody. For some reason listening to that song made me homesick. I wish I was HOME. Not in New York, but HOME because no matter how many good days I have here, because no matter how fun it can be here, because no matter how much I love my job, because no matter how goods it's been for me to be away, because no matter anything, New York is never going to be HOME. If I was HOME right now I'd be at the Martin Sexton concert singing my little heart out instead of having a girls night with Lyla.
"If I could I would, but I don't know how...."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I went to see this beauty with Davis and four other ladies and I think Davis was right when he leaned over and said, "I think a lot of ovaries are bursting on this row right now."

If you didn't want a baby before seeing it, you'll want one after, and you might want a boob job after it's all said and done too...I'm just sayin....

Sunday, May 09, 2010

When you don't have a yard....

You layout at the park...

and we've been making good use of the warm days...

thanks for the pics kaitlyn.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the BEST show on tv

My good friends on The Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway, American Idol, and Stylista have kept me on my couch countless nights, but my passion for them waxes and wanes from season to season. My real stalwart is The Real World/Road Rules Challenges. As guilty a pleasure as these other shows are, none give me as much pleasure nor as much guilt as The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, where I truly am on a first name basis with the contestants because I’ve been watching them embarrass themselves for the last ten years. Even though Wes, Jenn, Evan, Kenny, CT, Tonya, and Beth are way too old to be acting the way they do, they keep coming back, and I never get tired of them. I’d call it a trainwreck, but I’ve never seen a trainwreck that involved booze, a hot tub, extreme sports, backstabbing, and people who didn’t finish high school. This show has made Wednesday my favorite night. I can’t get enough and the current season is blowing me away. I HATE Wes and I am definitely on team Kenny. If you have an opening in your TV schedule I seriously suggest checking this out... Judge if you want, but it's the BEST show in TV.

PS.. remember when nat and i met two of the stars?? holla!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Spring List ...

There’s something about good weather and good music that go together. Here are some goodies...

The song I can currently listen to on repeat for hours:

1. “Heart Skipped a Beat” by The XX

A fun 80’s song:

2. “We Close Our Eyes” by Oingo Boingo

A few new ones:

3. “Zebra” by Beach House

4. “Two” by The Antlers

5. “Ambling Alp” by Yeasayer

6. “No Intention” by Dirty Projectors

7. “Excuses” by The Morning Benders

The song from the band I’ve heard is really good in concert, but I still haven’t seen:

8. “Finish Line” by Fanfarlo

The song from the singer I kind of want to be:

9. “Thieves” by She & Him

A new one from the band that seemed to be the most licensed band of the last few years:

10. “Congratulations” by MGMT

The big hit of the summer:

11. “Imma Be” by Black Eyed Peas

A fun one:

12. “22 “ by Lily Allen

The song from a couple of guys who left other bands and made a new band:

13. “The High Road” by Broken Bells

The song from the reunion tour of the summer I most want to go to:

14. “Cut Your Hair” by Pavement

The song that makes it onto most of my lists because I really just like it that much:

15. “La Cienega Just Smiled” by Ryan Adams

Happy listening!

Any Takers?

I'm selling this baby so I can get a faster one to keep up with D Dawg...

Sunday, May 02, 2010


I think it's pretty silly how much I love a good celeb sighting... even though it's silly I still get so excited and Davis is still very good at finding them for me. It's one of his secret talents....

Lately we've been seeing quite a few out and about....

We saw Cynthia Nixon in our neighborhood out for a Sunday stroll with her kids...

A couple of days later we saw Hoda Kotb from the Today Show but you probably know her from being made fun of on SNL.

Then Davis got some fancy tickets from work for a Mets game and guess who was sitting RIGHT behind us... JERRY SEINFELD... we tried to get a pic, but it wasn't really possible... That's a pretty good one, right? He was probably looking right at us when we took this pic. Fancy.

After the game we headed downtown to do some shopping and stopped in Cafe Habana to get some takeout and Matt Dillon came in for some takeout of his own... I thought he was better looking in real life... Davis thought he was short...

We're pretty sure saw Sean Lennon strolling around our neighborhood the other day. He lives close by, but we weren't able to confirm it.

Then, after work last week, I was walking home and walked right by Mitchell from Modern Family. He caught me staring him down... Oops.

To top it all off, after one of our late night runs last week we ran into John McEnroe with a young little hot thing on his arm on CPW.

Can you believe all of these celebs? Thanks to Davis for having a good eye for the famous.