Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Davis Bell and Friends 2010

Another dodge ball season has come and gone. This year was my third year on the official roster but my first year actually playing.

I kind of felt like the special one on the team. Whenever I dodged a ball our team would yell, "Yeah, Melissa, good job! Yeah! Yeah! That's so neat that you were able to dodge that ball." Even though I was the worst one, (at least I can admit it, right?) I still had a lot of fun playing. Thanks for being a nice captain, Andrea. You can read more about why I was reluctant to play the last few years, and the competitive nature of this intense sport here.


Jo said...

Cute post, Melissa. I'm glad you felt "special", and I'm glad you enjoyed playing. It does sound fun. Wish we could see a game.

nici said...


I went skeet shooting a few months back with two friends, who were raised on shotguns, and a brother in law who plays Halo and Call of Duty 5 hours a day. I was embarrassingly bad and every time I hit one everyone would congratulate me (but they didn't congratulate each other). I wanted to shoot them, which I could have done because they are bigger and slower than the skeet things.