Monday, January 04, 2010

A Decade....

I love end of year countdowns... I just read my EW year end edition the other night in the tub, and I've been enjoying The Soups countdowns too... So fun to remember what happened during the last year. I hadn't thought about this being the start of a new decade until Nat posted about it the other day so yesterday I tried to remember some highlights of the last TEN years.. It's kind of crazy how much has happened. My family has grown by TWELVE people, all of my siblings, including myself have moved either into or out of Utah, or both, our dog Max died, I graduated from high school and college (twice), traveled quite a bit, and got MARRIED... Here's some highlights of the last 10 years...

After a some crazy times at VHS, I decided to leave high school early and finish out my senior year at "JW" (Weber). After a summer of laying out by the pool, Lake Powell, and lots of time in Star Valley, I moved out of my parents house at the ripe old age of 17 and moved on up to O-Town with Nici, Breona, and Heidi. We had lots of good times going country dancing, playing tetris, and staying up late doing who knows what. To support myself, I got a job at Great Harvest Bread, which to date, is the best job I've ever had.
Lake Powell

Graduated from Weber with an Associates and from high school at the same time. Moved back home to try to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, continued going to Weber and working at GHB, and enjoyed watching The Real World/Road Rules Challenges with my mom. Went to my first U2 concert at the Delta Center and fell in LOVE with Bono. I continued to spend most of my time with my high school girlfriends meeting boys in whatever random ways we did.

I continued to live at home and trained for and ran the Moab Half Marathon with my mom. I spent many nights enjoying the concerts and events of the SLC Winter Olympics. My first niece, Olivia, was born, and I spent a lot of weekends in California visiting her. During the next year, our family time consisted of putting Olivia in the middle of the room and staring at her four hours at a time. In June I left for Ecuador where I spent five months volunteering in orphanages with Lindsay. I got back from Ecuador on Halloween, spent a couple of months hanging out and got ready for my big move down to P-town.
Moab Half

Baby Olivia, Palo Alto, Cali
Quito, EcuadorQuito, Ecuador

My first semester at BYU I continued to spend a lot of time up in Davis County. I changed my major from boring business to fun social work, and spent the summer doing a study abroad in Costa Rica with Linds, Linds, Shan, and Katie. I was supposed to be learning Spanish but that wasn't entirely successful and spent most of my time as my mom would say "having too much fun." When I got back from Costa Rica my roommate situation at BYU fell through when Annie married Joe, so I ended up randomly moving in to the Clover Haus where I met Natalie and Alicia and subsequently many other people who ended up marrying or dating my high school friends. (It's kind of crazy how that all works out, right?) I also lived across the street from my brother and friends, so I spent lots of early mornings climbing with them.

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica

Day Cruise in Costa Rica

BYU Football Game
When I was thinking back over the years, 2004 was the year that I couldn't think of that many exciting things that happened. My dog, Max, died which was a big deal and really sad. I spent the summer as a camp counselor with Nici in Maine, hiking around the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and camping with a bunch of rich 8-15 year olds. (Think Gossip Girl goes to camp.) On my way to Maine, I got to see where John and Suz were living in Boston, and they came up for a weekend visit in Maine. For some odd reason I remember listening to Usher's "Burn" on repeat that summer. When I got back to BYU I continued living in Clover Haus and met Michele in the Social Work program. I spent Thanksgiving in Oregon with Peter and Tia, and New Years in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl with the fam.

Rock Climbing in Bishop, Cali

Hiking in New Hampshire

Nat and I spent the first half of 2005 missing most of our classes, sleeping in, and cruising around P-town listening to Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone." I had my first Social Work internship at the Utah Boys Ranch and spent my time taking the boys on climbing excursions, running groups, and planning a summer camp. That summer Michele and I took off for DC to intern at the National Council for Adoption. We had the time of our lives on the east coast and that summer solidified my decision to go to Columbia for grad school. I graduated from BYU the day I got back from DC, and moved into "The Holla House," in Sugar House a couple of weeks later with Nat, Michele, Nici, and Krista. I thought about getting a "real" job, but decided that working for John and Suz for a year before going back to school would be more fun. It was amazing to spend every day with my niece and nephew when they were so young. We spent our nights prank calling people, coming up with random nick names, and rank ordering everyone knew.

4th of July, Washington DC

BYU Graduation

I continued to live my little ideal life in Sugar House surrounded by friends and family. We did weekend trips just about every chance we got and even hit up Cancun for the first time that March. My roommates and I became party planners by organizing a "Sugar House High Prom" and a "Jazzy Christmas." Turns out my job with John and Suz had perks, and I got to go to Hawaii with them. Michele and I both got into Columbia and on July 24th we moved to the big apple. I met Davis the next week or so and spent the next few months avoiding him because I was too busy hanging out with my new friends Karen, Kristan, Bryndee, Kellie, Jane, and Holly. Then I spent the entire Christmas break chatting him....
Holla House Girls

Broadway Show, NYC

I continued interning for the NYC Board of Ed working with teen mothers. Luckily, that internship had a lot of time off so I got to go home a lot and went on a cruise in March with Michele and Kellie. In the spring I ran The Coney Island half marathon with a group from the 8th ward. Davis and I started dating and spent just about every second together and with Ron, of course. My family came out for my graduation in May, and then I headed to Africa with Help International. When I got back from Africa I moved into an apartment on 105th street and spent my unemployed days watching the entire SERIES of Sex and The City. I finally got my first "real" job at CAS in The Bronx.

Our First Picture

The Fam, Christmas

Coney Island Half Marathon

Columbia Graduation


The winter of 2007/2008 was probably just the worst winter of my life. (I'm just going to go ahead and get that out of the way). I hated where I was living, and with a bunch of other things going on the winter was really getting to me. Somehow I made it out of my slump, moved down to 79th street with Ali, and had a really fun summer with Davis and the New York friends. We spent it long boarding, going to the beach, going to Utah, going to New Hampshire, and cruising around the on scooters. For Thanksgiving I hike MP with my mom and Peter, Tia, and Sidney, and when I got back, Davis and I decided to get married. We got engaged in December and headed home to celebrate with our families for Christmas.

MP, Peru

The night we got engaged

The last year was kind of a crazy one and went by SO FAST. Obviously being engaged a planning a Utah wedding from NY for the first four months helped speed things up. In January I moved down to Elizabeth street with Ali and Leslie. In February, right after Davis lost his job, we got Lyla, and Ron and I continued to fight over how to train her while she continued to ruin the bachelor pad. April was the big day, and I moved into the bachelor pad with Davis and Ron where we lived for the next 6 months. We had another busy, fun summer and were fortunate to spend a lot of time in Utah AGAIN. At the end of the summer Davis and I both got new jobs and moved into a new apartment and into a new ward. Most of our friends left the city, and we were left to kind of figure things out for ourselves. After a lot of going back and forth, we decided to spend the holidays and NY for the first time, and we're both pretty happy with the way things turned out.

Meeting Lyla Sandy, Utah
4th of July, San Diego, Cali

NY Friends

Getting Married
WOW! To go all the way from being in high school to graduating from college to getting married in ten years. It's been fun to look back and see how each of the little decision I made got me to where I am today. There's something kind of magical about the single years and first being out on your own and making a life for yourself. It's almost that they're too much fun they're not even real. The last ten really have been a dream. What blows me away the most is all of the friends and new family that have become such a huge part of my life in the last 10 years. It's amazing to see how everyone came into my life and filled the space that was meant for them. Hopefully the next ten will be just as exciting especially now that I've got Davis (and lyla) with me!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

MishMyBelle said...

Great memories Mel! We really did live it up in the last 5 years or so. Interning in DC, and MSW graduation seem so long ago. Sometimes I wish we could revert back to those days for a weekend...perhaps a Cancun reunion!?!

Andrea said...

Loved this post, Melissa. Congrats to you on an amazing decade!

nerak said...

That's a pretty solid 10 years, Mel! So glad I made it into a couple years of that, and I get to be part of some of your adventures of the next decade. :) Love you, lady!

Andrea W. said...

I loved reading all about your last 10 years. I'm so impressed with all you've crammed into the last decade. Can't wait to see what you do with this one. Happy New Year!

nici said...

Love it, lady! What's in store for 2010? A baby maybe?

Kiersten said... are kind of amazing! I can't believe all of the things you've done! This is such a cool post, I kind of want to copy you, but your "boring" year is way more exciting than any of my years have been!

Lins said...

excuse me honey... but I was one of those o-town women too, how could you forget me... sheesh!!! You've had quite the last 10 years... way to go!!

Team Gecko's Triumphs 4/23/09 said...

oh meli how i love you.. great post..

Jo said...

Melissa, you are one energetic, adventurous woman. You've packed so much good stuff into a short time. Awesome! said...

Nici, they already have a baby. That's a very insensitive thing to say.

Melissa, very cool post. Can't believe how much different you look in those early pics.

Anonymous said...

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That's a jam-packed 10 years. I am glad to note that you didn't date any boys during those 10 years until you met me.

Kristan said...

I love this. What a great 10 years!

Macy said...

I loved reading this post, Melissa. What an interesting 10 years.

Breona said...

Gotta add a comment to that cuz that post was awesome. Nice job. You've had some great adventures! And I'm sure it only gets better! Kids are a pretty amazing addition. Just sayin. No rush, Lyla needs many years of being spoiled rotten!! Much love