Thursday, November 05, 2009

"Part of the List"

The day before Halloween I asked a little girl what she was going to be for Halloween, and she told me that her family didn't have enough money to get her a costume so she wasn't going to be able to dress up. As I've been looking at everyone's Halloween pictures the past week, and espeically all of the cute kiddie costumes, I haven't been able to get that little girl out of my mind.

Sometimes I get caught up in all of the little things that are going wrong in my life, and it takes a really extreme situation to make me realize how selfish I'm being. The thought of that little girl hit me hard, and ever since our conversation, I've felt really overwhelmed with gratitude.

The past few days I've been thinking about doing some thankful posts, but decided not to for fear of being too cheesy... But really, am I one to care if I look silly or cheesy on this thing? NO!! And November is the perfect month for that, right? Then to top it all off Nat mentioned that November is National Blogging Bla Bla Month, so I decided this would be the perfect month to try to blog everyday about little things that I'm thankful for... Since today is the 5th I'm going to do 25 things from the past week to catch up....

1. sunday naps
2. testimony meeting (it's always my favorite)
3. enough time to walk to TWO dog runs
4. patsy's
5. motivating runners

6. puppy play group
7. crock pot meals
8. davis doing the dishes
9. halloween candy
10. holding hands

11. a random holiday
12. no school in NYC so I can do my visits early
13. the crosstown bus
14. remembering watching the inauguration last year with coworkers
15. finishing a book

16. new magazines in the mail
17. a long bath
18. winning at tetris
19. getting off early
20. reading 100 pages of a new book

21. somebody to get me out of bed
22. tv homework
23. crossing things off my list
24. yoplait
25. google


Davis Bell said...

If you want to keep being grateful for somebody to get you out of bed you need to start, you know, getting out of bed when he tries to get you out of bed.

Jo said...

LOL Dave.
Melissa, I love that idea, and your list. What a great thing to share!

I'm also guilty of going along and not realizing how incredibly blessed I am. Hopefully I'll follow your example!

Nat Attack said...

Yaaaaaaaay. I love when you blog. Keep it up!