Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Gunks

Last Saturday the weather was kind of amazing so we decided to rent a car and go upstate for a little hiking, outlet shopping, and eating... I can't lie.. I kind of love these little adventures. It's the only way I survive city living.
Lyla loves hiking and does a surprisingly good job. She gave me a heart attack when she took off, and we couldn't find her for ten minutes. Let's just say there was some drama and after that she wasn't allowed off her leash anymore.

After our hike Davis found this old inn he ate at a few years ago with his parents. Actually, Greg found it from his old visa bill... That's what I call organization... too bad Davis didn't get any of those skills.
Here's to buying a car.

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Jo said...

Fun to see the pictures. I'm so glad you do get to escape the City every once in a while. That is such a beautiful place!