Monday, November 16, 2009


My last year at BYU we discovered this old Nintendo game called Tetris Attack and well, the rest is history. We spent more hours playing that game than doing anything else... It sounds pretty lame, I know, but we had SO much fun playing it. Joe, of course, was the master, and it was our goal to beat him. There's a pic of some of us on facebook after church one Sunday from back then, and the caption says, "Tetrix Attack, A Quick Sacrament Meeting, Tetris Attack."
I guess some things never change. ...
Tetris, Sleep, Tetris, A Quick Knicks Game, Tetris...
(of course I was the one to beat this weekend)

BTW, the Jazz won this game after playing really dumb during the 4th and almost blowing it.
Now if only Joe moved back and Nici followed everything would be right in the world.


nici said...

I own you and joey in tetris!...when i focus.

Davis Bell said...

As much as I like Nici and Joe, were they move here we'd have to set some really firm boundaries on the amount of Tetris you're allowed to play.