Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lyla has a namesake*.... This little cutie...

Luckily, she arrived a few weeks early so I got to see her when I was in Utah two weeks ago....

*I just like to tease her mom and dad that that they named their baby after my baby...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm so sick of rain... I just want nice fall weather like we had in Adam's Canyon....

Friday, October 23, 2009

"The Day Off"

Karen came for a visit and, luckily, some of us had a day off so we took advantage and did lunch at Momo. The expert of all things Momo, Brigham, came along and ordered for us....
After lunch we saw one of the WORST movies every... Bright Star. UGH.
Wish I had more days to do fancy lunch and a movie.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Dachs Song"

While the fam was here I dragged them down to Washington Square Park for the Weenie Festival. Since I've had Lyla SO many people have told me about the festival and how I HAD to take her... This year it rained so I'm told there weren't as many dogs there, but we still had fun.
There were probably a couple of hundred dogs.... It was fun to see all the different kinds of Weenies.
I thought these twins were SUPER cute... Their sweatshirts said "It's RUFF being spoiled."

This fatty cracked me up...
A lot of the weenies were dressed up.. This was my favorite costume. I think next year we'll have to get an outfit for Lyla.

There were also some impostors running around... Tia fell in love with this little girl.

We ran into Jed and Heather while we were there. Jed is Spencer's friend from FOREVER, and Heather was in my ward in SLC. They actually met at the Prom we had, and now they're married... How crazy is that?? Anyways, Jed took some cute pics of the weenies....
I love this one with the arch in the back...

And, of course, one of Lyla...

The party wore her right out, and she spent the rest of the night cuddling with grandma.

In case you were wondering what the "Dachs Song" is take a listen.... It's a special song just for weenies that everyone sings at the festival while they walk around the fountain holding their dog up!!
It's awesome... Holla!

Monday, October 05, 2009

"Give Me One Reason"

Conference was this weekend and you know what that means?? We've been married for SIX months already. (The best part about getting married on conference weekend... You get a "get out of conference free card" once a year for the anniversary.. Holla!) Marriage has been quite the adjustment, but I think we're both pretty happy with the way things have turned out! I guess I'll keep Davis around.

I thought to mark the 6 months of wedded bliss I'd do a little list...
"Six Reasons I'm Glad I Married Davis..."

1. He let me paint a PURPLE wall in the bathroom and get a frilly shower curtain.
2. He let me choose our first pet.... But he still loves her...
3. I've trained him not to fart in the bedroom... This is a life changer...
4. He likes to tease my mom even though her only comeback is "Oh.. WHATEVER, Davis."
5. He has somehow convinced Ben to like him even though he almost killed him on the wave runner this summer.
6. He'll not only watch Road Rules/Real World Challenge and Rachel Zoe with me.. He'll LOVE them with me.

Thanks for being a fun one to be married to.

I just realized that I never posted any pics of the big day... Here are a few of my favorites. The first three are from Karen, and the rest are from Joshua Brown.