Friday, September 11, 2009

"The Good Ones"

Ever since The Real World/Road Rules Challenge and SYTYCD ended, I haven't had anything to watch, until last night when I discovered this gem...
I haven't laughed this hard watching TV for a long time, and Davis was dying too... Plus, right when I got done watching I got a text from Tia saying how much she loves the show... I highly recommend it.

Also, on my flight yesterday, I realized that this hit is back on TV... I've missed Rach, Rodg and the crew... Ali introduced me last season, and it was definitely a guilty pleasure.

These lil guys and Mad Men will have to keep me busy until FNL starts again in October.
Here's to fall TV.. Holla!

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MishMyBelle said...

Did you not love their version of Gold Digger?! So great!!