Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Bust Your Windows"

My friend, Breona, has been hunting (not just any hunting.. freaking BOW hunting) since I met her in junior high. This year she got a BIG one and was featured in the Deseret News. How could I not post this? She's a star, Holla!

Congrats, Bre! You are pretty hardcore!

In other news.. I can't stop singing this song... The latest masterpiece on Glee.

I kind of can't believe how much I love that show.


Andrea said...

Out of control. I'll have to comment on Breona's blog...

nerak said...

i feel like i am the only person on the planet who doesn't like glee.

Breona said...

Hey thanks for the SHOUT out. It was pretty crazy! I've got stories upon stories of DIE hard hunters that I know and many that I don't ...that have tracked me down to hear my story. "What poundage is your bow," "Did it take just one shot?" "Is your husband proud or freaked out?" These people are crazy about it. One guy told me to call Cabella's to see if they would by my antlers. I guess they bought his friends for 10 grand. That's what I'm talking about. my dad on the other hand would probably shed another tear or two. ?
Tomorrow I'm in the clipper...should be cheesy by the way I was interviewed. Check it out>