Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Age of Consent"

I'm listening to my The Smiths station on Pandora today.

I like listening to that station when I'm in a nostalgic mood because so many of those old songs remind me of so many fun times.. Climbing with Spencer and Friends, Dancing the night away at Area 51, Screaming along to songs on Road Trips, and crying about boys!!

"Age of Consent" by New Order just came on. I haven't listened to that song for awhile, but the second the first note played this little video rushed into my head ... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... In 2006, my roommates and I put together a little Prom that was SO much fun. After the party, our almost roommate, Cody Smith, put this lil gem together with footage from the night.... I think he did a pretty great job.

Here we are all decked out! Holla!


spencer said...

Funny, I've been having a nostalgia day too. The New Order song that been on my playlist lately is "Ceremony." ... sigh.

Nat Attack said...

This post/video makes me feel all KINDS of things. Happy with a side of nostalgia for sure.

Ironically, one of my old coworkers tagged me in a Prom photo just today. Must be time for a repeat!

MishMyBelle said...

Oh wow! This does bring back some pretty good memories. So much, that I maybe feel the need to bust out the holla house video :)

I may just have to post this video on my blog!

nici said...

Funnest little group of girls!