Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sometimes I get sad about living so far away from home, or I get burned out on the city life, and then I see a movie or show that takes place in New York and all of those feelings are washed away. I was having one of those days on Monday and then I saw this hit movie...

and I was excited about the city again...

Friday, September 25, 2009

"It's a Life Changing Experience"

I grew up on U2. My older brother, Spencer, always had their albums around, and you know I was always stealing them, but I didn't really FALL IN LOVE until I saw them for the first time during the Elevation Tour on 11/9/2001 in the Delta Center (which is what I continue to refer to it as, thank you very much). It was right after 9/11, and I was just blown away by how emotional the show was. I'd been to a lot of concerts, but none like that, and I didn't really understand how a band could make a whole stadium feel so intimate. I cried during "One," and I haven't looked back since.
I then saw them three times during the Vertigo Tour and every time was an event.. making shirts, watching concert DVD's for weeks before, memorizing Bonos' hip thrusts, and talking and talking and talking about it, but I think the highlight of that tour was on 4/15/05 in Arizona when the ENTIRE stadium sang "How long.. to sing this song..." over and over again the entire way to their cars.... Words can't explain, words canNOT explain.

On 12/17/05, while walking to my third show of the Vertigo tour at the Delta Center (the night after I saw Neil Diamond for the first time, thanks Davey, sorry, Nici) I was screaming "U2!! U2!!" while waving my arms around like a freak bomb, and a newsman asked me (on film) to describe seeing U2 live, and I responded, "It's a life changing experience!" Dorry worry, later that night my phone was flooded with texts of people who saw me on the news. What can you do, I'm just famous like that.

I guess you could say, I consider myself a pretty big fan, and if you get me talking about the music or how sexy Bono is... I have a hard time stopping. So, I've been excited to go to another show since 2005! Last night that waiting ended, and Davis and I headed out to the Meadowlands for the show.... It was his first time so I was pretty excited for him to experience the goodness that is a live show... We drove Scootsies out, which was the best decision of the night (good job, Davis. Don't worry mom, driving around on the freeway on Scootsies isn't an dangerous as it sounds). Once we navigated through traffic and parked illegally we headed in for a bit of Muse... I like Muse, but I wasn't really feeling it that much last night, sorry. Maybe I was just too excited for my boyfriend to come out.

Now that it's over, how do I feel about it?? I LOVED it, of course, BUT comparing it to other times, I didn't love it QUITE as much. Here's why.. 1. We were in Giants Stadium (there were a record breaking 82,000 people in attendance), and I just felt like some of Bono's energy was escaping through the roof. I think for U2, I prefer a closed roof, although, the fact that I wasn't sweating my brains out from jumping around so much was a benefit of the open air. 2. I tried to enjoy the new songs, and some of them were better live, but it just wasn't the same as it was the times before when I stood up the ENTIRE time and sang EVERY word (BTW, I'm pretty sure I'm the most annoying person in the world to sit next to at shows like this). There was actually a lot of energy for "Get on Your Boots," ( I could see this being the only song they play from this album on future tours), and I enjoyed "Moment of Surrender," but I don't think it was a good choice for a closing song... It definitely didn't compare to "40."
So that was the bad.. And the good... the stage was over the top and awesome, as usual, even though I still like the stage from Elevation the best. Bono was in his usual form... getting the crowd into it, creating emotional responses, and just being his SEXY SEXY self. And the oldies were definitely still goodies. The video of Desmond Tutu before "One," gave me chills. I love the way the band is able to encourage activism and change... It was pretty uplifting. (All of you who think Bono is annoying, stop thinking that, just stop it.) I could tell those in attendance took it to heart when the lady walking out in front of us kept yelling at everyone to "Shut the F!*& up!" That's how it's done in Jersey, folks. Song highlights for me... "Ultra Violet," "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," "Stay," and "With or Without You," I'd never seen that one live before, and the whole crowd sang every word. I loved it. I could probably add a few more favorites to this list, but then it would be almost every song, so I'll leave it at that with this sexy old one of Bono.

Stop thinking you're so cool because you hate U2, and just face the facts that they rock, and you can like them and indie rock at the same time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"I'm So Excited..."

to see this man TONIGHT!!

It's the most anticipated day of my life!! I'm keeping my expectations low because I'm not loving the new album, and it looks like they're playing quite a few songs off of it... but I'm still hoping for that spiritual experience. Too bad Brando won't be there with him... I think this combo would blow my brains out.

Thanks for the pic, Nici!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Unleash the Dog"

After years of reluctance, we signed up for a ZipCar for some out-of-the-city adventures. Last weekend, thanks to Zipcar, we headed back to the Delaware Water Gap for some more camping and hiking.
It was Lyla's first time camping...
Davis took really good care of her and put her up his shirt when she start shivering... What a nice daddy...
Saturday we went on a kind of amazing hike... I guess living in NYC makes me forget how pretty it is on the outside...
We were kind of cracking up that we hiked to "one of the seven natural wonders of New Jersey," I didn't know they had that in Jersey, must be a pretty special state, right?
The lake was very pretty...
Lyla was quite the trooper, hiked the entire way, and refused to be carried...
She was loving it.

It was actually a little crazy how far she went and it wore her right out...

Crossing the GW Bridge to go back home...

Monday, September 21, 2009


So... I'm done working in foster care. We had a little going away party when Dillon and I left... Here's our unit...
It's kind of crazy I'm done. I had to say goodbye to all of my kids, the parents, and coworkers I've been working with for the past TWO years. I have mixed feelings about being done. I thought I was ready, but now I just think about what's going on with all of my families and wonder if my kids are doing alright. When I took that job I was a little reluctant because of all of the horror stories I'd heard about working in foster care, but I don't think I could have picked a better job coming out of school. I learned SO much and met so many amazing people and so many difficult people. It was quite the experience. Let's just hope the new gig turns out as well as the old one. I feel like a real grownup moving on to a second "real" job... not sure how I feel about it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Bust Your Windows"

My friend, Breona, has been hunting (not just any hunting.. freaking BOW hunting) since I met her in junior high. This year she got a BIG one and was featured in the Deseret News. How could I not post this? She's a star, Holla!

Congrats, Bre! You are pretty hardcore!

In other news.. I can't stop singing this song... The latest masterpiece on Glee.

I kind of can't believe how much I love that show.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Age of Consent"

I'm listening to my The Smiths station on Pandora today.

I like listening to that station when I'm in a nostalgic mood because so many of those old songs remind me of so many fun times.. Climbing with Spencer and Friends, Dancing the night away at Area 51, Screaming along to songs on Road Trips, and crying about boys!!

"Age of Consent" by New Order just came on. I haven't listened to that song for awhile, but the second the first note played this little video rushed into my head ... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... In 2006, my roommates and I put together a little Prom that was SO much fun. After the party, our almost roommate, Cody Smith, put this lil gem together with footage from the night.... I think he did a pretty great job.

Here we are all decked out! Holla!

"Heat of the Southwest Sun..........."

Here's the thing, I've been wanting to see this sexy number for YEARS, remember last year when I spent some time with the dealer up in Harlem trying to get tickets?? , and the desire to see them has only been amplified by Nici telling me over and over how amazing they are live...
So, when I was out west, we hopped a flight on over to Red Rocks ... A place I have never been and took in a show...
Things got a little crazy since I was with Brandon's two biggest fans ever....

This show actually lived up to my expectations, and these expectations were pretty HUGE. Sometimes I forget how much I love seeing live music and then I go to a show like that, and I just can't handle how much I love it... especially when you have a sexy lil guy like Brandon controlling the audience. The final word -- #1 U2, #2 The Killers, but I feel like Brandon might have what it takes to be the next Bono... yep, even more than Chris.

BTW, my voice is still scratchy, a week later, from screaming and singing along so much. I feel bad for the people sitting in front of me. HOlla!
I stole these pics from Jenn Cook, who was so nice to let us stay and drive us to the airport at 5am. Thanks lady!

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Desert Rose"

2009 has been the year of traveling west.
I've been to Utah SIX times in EIGHT months! If that's not a lot, I'm not sure what is. I told Davis that we spend so much time there we might as well move there, and spend money traveling to other new places, but what can you do??
I am definitely NOT complaining about being able to go home so often!

The week before Labor Day my work sent me to Denver again for some more training so I decided to extend and make use of being so close to fun people.
We headed down to Havasupai, where I've been wanting to go forever...

We hiked in Saturday morning after a scary drive through the night from vegASS to the trail head... Once we got in we had lots of fun swimming around and taking advantage of the water...
Then we got a little bit braver and started checking out the cliffs...
Krista and I couldn't let the chance to go by to relive our jumping experience in Africa two years ago, and she convinced me I'd be okay this time around....
After barely stepping off the edge... I made it out alive... I just can't make myself JUMP out... I prefer baby steps.
We did some exploring of other parts of the canyon that were pretty sweet...
I kind of felt like I was in Hawaii with those big falls..
The group shots...
Nici wouldn't forgive me if I didn't post this beauty...
The views of the canyon while hiking out...
Happy to be done...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I was snoopin' around and found this pic...

Should I be concerned??
Ron, we miss you lil guy...

Friday, September 11, 2009

"The Good Ones"

Ever since The Real World/Road Rules Challenge and SYTYCD ended, I haven't had anything to watch, until last night when I discovered this gem...
I haven't laughed this hard watching TV for a long time, and Davis was dying too... Plus, right when I got done watching I got a text from Tia saying how much she loves the show... I highly recommend it.

Also, on my flight yesterday, I realized that this hit is back on TV... I've missed Rach, Rodg and the crew... Ali introduced me last season, and it was definitely a guilty pleasure.

These lil guys and Mad Men will have to keep me busy until FNL starts again in October.
Here's to fall TV.. Holla!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I love Utah.
That's why even though I live across the country, I come about once a month to visit, but there are some things that drive me crazy about Utah... I just added parents in Farmington not wanting their kids to this video because it's "too leftist" to the list...

I definitely wouldn't want my kids to be encouraged to be a little better this year either.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"New Revolution"

After chewing through two nylon harnesses somebody got an upgrade from Canine Country Club... That is actually the name of the store believe it or not... You gotta be fancy if you're going to be a city dog.
She looks so cute in it...