Friday, May 29, 2009

"Live Your Life"

Yesterday one of my coworkers had her brother's red mustang so we all piled in there and headed to Wendy's for lunch (the options in The Bronx are limited).

I was jammed in the back seat while we were cruising around, and we started listening to "Live Your Life," by T.I.,(now I can't stop singing that song. when i got home davis kept asking me what i was singing.. kinda funny). Anyways, we all started screaming along and dancing around, and I had a major case of nostalgia. There's nothing like being crammed in a car with a bunch of friends singing a fun song... Ah, everyday at VHS we would jam in a car and head to lunch and it was often to Wendy's funny enough... I have so many funny memories of those days... I don't know what else to say other than it's good to have good girlfriends as cheesy as it sounds, and it's even better to have friends who can handle tone-deaf screaming in their ears! Holla!

In case you don't know what song I'm talking about... Warning, it might be stuck in your head for the next week...


nici said...

Ohhh, a new T.I. song. I'm on it. I took a convert stang to red rocks once. You should have seen the hippies disgusted faces. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!

Breona said...

Hey friend....I have been so behind on your blog. Your pics and happenings are pretty great. Glad you and Davis are rocking the good life in NY. Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like a great one. We are getting old. I don't feel old but having 2 kids boggles my mind. I also love the VHS memories. Loud music and annoying singing was the day to day must have. Miss you around.