Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Catching Up"

My cute friend Alicia came for a business trip, and I took her to a must do... Shake Shack. I've seen her once in the last three years, when we bumped into each other at an airport, so it was fun to catch up. (We look so coordinated in this pic.. We planned that, of course.)FYI, Alicia told Davis that she works for "Provo Craft, the largest craft company." He responded, "The largest in what, Utah county?" To which she responded, "The largest IN THE WORLD." Kinda crazy, right? But I guess it makes sense since Utah is a pretty crafty place with all of those Enrichment Nights.


becca said...

yes, brody was quite sexy in real life.

Nat Attack said...

Remind Davis that he doesn't know every thing.


Alicia said...

Disclaimer: I think it is "one of" the largest craft companies in the world. Perhaps I was intimidated by Davis. I might've lied. I hope I didn't. I think it's the biggest. But maybe that's from the brainwashing.

Side note: Why does it look like I'm wearing shoulder pads? Bleh.

Can you please move closer? And bring Shake Shack with?