Sunday, May 31, 2009

"You Can Have Whatever You Like"

So, I had a birthday... 26.
Lately I feel young, but my life is older than my age... Kinda crazy, I'm getting so ancient. Anyways, Davis planned a very fun birthday that started out with Lucky Charms in bed.. Holla! Then we took Lyla on a walk... Davis is not a fan of my dog walking outfits... I'm not sure why he doesn't like them.

Then we headed out to the cutest town in PA, and stayed in this cute Inn. Charming, right?

Davis is convinced that if he developed a central touristy town out there he would make big bucks because there are ten million cute towns but not one big one. Maybe even more bucks than owning a mat. I was a fan of the little ones.

We woke up and headed to the Delaware Water Gap and did a hike that was part of the Appalachian Trail.

So, so pretty and green. We were kind of blown away by how pretty it is just right outside the city. I think we're going to be getting out a little more.

It was a fun way to start another year with the perfect mix of outlet mall shopping and hiking. Davis knows just what I like!

PS... We only listened to two songs the entire trip and they are both by T.I.. that's what I'm talkin' bout.

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Live Your Life"

Yesterday one of my coworkers had her brother's red mustang so we all piled in there and headed to Wendy's for lunch (the options in The Bronx are limited).

I was jammed in the back seat while we were cruising around, and we started listening to "Live Your Life," by T.I.,(now I can't stop singing that song. when i got home davis kept asking me what i was singing.. kinda funny). Anyways, we all started screaming along and dancing around, and I had a major case of nostalgia. There's nothing like being crammed in a car with a bunch of friends singing a fun song... Ah, everyday at VHS we would jam in a car and head to lunch and it was often to Wendy's funny enough... I have so many funny memories of those days... I don't know what else to say other than it's good to have good girlfriends as cheesy as it sounds, and it's even better to have friends who can handle tone-deaf screaming in their ears! Holla!

In case you don't know what song I'm talking about... Warning, it might be stuck in your head for the next week...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Some Enchanted Evening"

I was VERY sad to stay in town for Memorial Day. My whole family was in Wyoming for the first time of the season, and I think this is the first Memorial Day of my life I haven't gone out of town... believe me, I was struggling with it, but we made the most of it and actually had a lot of fun.

Thursday night I went to South Pacific at Lincoln Center with Mary and Andrea. I'd been wanting to see that show for awhile, and it was oh so good.

Friday night we went to our first Yankees game of the season, and my first game at the new stadium. It was the perfect night for a game, and we even scooted on up to The Bronx.
Saturday we took Metro North up to the Hudson River Valley and went on a little hike with other people who I didn't get any pics of and the person who did (Jon) is a bad emailer so I'll probably never get them... It was really pretty up there, and I've informed Davis that we will be spending a lot more time there.

Sunday we spent the evening in the park doing the usual, and Davis thought I was a Debbie Downer for not wanting to wrestle Andrea and Mary... oh well, what can you do? I have to put my foot down sometimes.

Monday we went to brunch with Ali at cute place on the LES and talked about how she's leaving us, and I'm still very sad about it. Then we found an antique bike shop that had Slush Puppies.. yummy... it was the perfect downtown day. I guess we made the most of our holiday in the city... Now we're just waiting for beach season to begin.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"99 Red Balloons"

Somebody had a birthday, and it wasn't Ron or Craig...

It was this little guy, Parker, and Mary put together a really fun party in Central Park.
They even had musical entertainment...
After the festivities everyone thought it would be fun to tie some of the balloons to Lyla, and Davis and I agreed.
She was having fun running around...

Then the real peer pressure started...

And we succumbed and were not good parents.

"Catching Up"

My cute friend Alicia came for a business trip, and I took her to a must do... Shake Shack. I've seen her once in the last three years, when we bumped into each other at an airport, so it was fun to catch up. (We look so coordinated in this pic.. We planned that, of course.)FYI, Alicia told Davis that she works for "Provo Craft, the largest craft company." He responded, "The largest in what, Utah county?" To which she responded, "The largest IN THE WORLD." Kinda crazy, right? But I guess it makes sense since Utah is a pretty crafty place with all of those Enrichment Nights.

Monday, May 25, 2009

"Just a Friend"

We usually fast forward through ads, but we've been watching the play-offs in "real time," so we've been catching some of them. I really like this one, and I haven't been able to stop singing this song. It makes me want to be in need of a designated driver.

"I Don't Know Why"

Lyla always has to sit between me and the computer... She can't ever sit behind it.

(This pic was taken with the photo booth on the computer)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Sexy Back"

When we got home tonight Lyla was going a little bit crazy... Here she is gulping down my lemonade (which, BTW, I'm obsessed with)....
We took her to the park to get some of her energy out, and she made a new friend, Charlotte. Charlotte's just a LITTLE bit bigger than Lyla, but Lyla never lets size hold her back.

In other news, Davis has been trying out some new looks for Davis 2.0, thoughts?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Just a Ride"

Davis took Lyla on her first bike ride today while I was at work... I'm learning what it's like to be a working mom and miss those first steps. Apparently she did a pretty good job so she'll be cruising around the city a lot this summer. Holla!

Please notice her claws in this picture. We battle with her EVERY night about this... She hates getting them cut.
In other news... I'm loving cheering against the Lakers, and I couldn't be happier that they lost tonight. I just can't decide if I want the Nuggets to beat them or if I want LeBron to take them out in the finals.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So... we got into this secret club that they have to offer to NY'ers who don't make enough money to live in the city but still want to do fun things. We get to see movies for FREE before they come out and then tell the people what we think about them so they can make changes to them to make them more likable for you! Got that? Anyways.. we've seen some good shows...
First of all we saw The Road... Oh man, I was dying to see this movie. I cried and cried over this book, and I cried and cried over the movie. Pretty good and VERY intense.

Next we saw The Boy are Back.. it's based on this book that I haven't read, but I want to read it now. One of the best movies I have seen in a long time... it made me happy but so scared to be married.... Oh man, this was a good one, and the acting was AMAZING.

We've paid for a couple of flicks too.... This one... Oh boy.. really so so so good. I wanted to be Rachel, and I had a crush on Adrien Brody for the first time in my life, and the clothes in this one.. I couldn't get over them. I'm trying to get Davis to buy a three piece suit and let me break his noise so he can be my very own Adrien.

Lastly, we saw this beauty.... Yes, we saw it opening night, and we LOVED it. I guess I'm easily entertained, but there are just too many good shows lately to keep up with.

BTW.. lately I've been eating hot dogs at the movies, and I can't help but love them. What is wrong with me?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Rich Girl"

Lyla is a brat and insists on walking between us...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"America's Funniest Home Videos"

This is what happens when Davis watches AFH...

Have you ever seen anything like it??

"We Close Our Eyes"

We close our eyes, and the world has turned around again………..”

So for some reason when it starts getting warm I can’t stop singing that freaking song. Nici and I were talking about how we used to scream that song out over and over the other day, and she reminded me of a funny time. Five years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long), but FIVE years ago Nici and I were counselors at a summer camp in Maine for rich kids from NYC.

Here's a pic of us in the White Mountains from that summer...
Our job was to take the girls hiking and camping around New England. To transport the kids we had these HUGE 15 passenger vans. For some reason, they trusted me to drive the kids and sometimes we got a little crazy on our drives. We always wanted to have fun on the drives so when Nici and I were in charge we’d blast the music and sing along. One day we were cruising along this curvy two lane highway in New Hampshire, and we were listening to Oingo Boingo and singing our hearts out. When we got to our destination one of the girls pulled Nici aside and said, “Nici, I don’t think Melissa should be driving and singing like it. It scares me.” (I’m not sure if the sound of my voice scared her more, or my driving skills but either way I guess I was freaking her out.) First of all, I think something is wrong when the 10 year old camper is afraid of her counselor. Second of all, this girl happened to have a REALLY bad lisp and everything she said was the funniest thing ever…. AH… it was especially funny when Nici walked in on her in the outhouse accidentally and she started screaming in the lisp.. Good times, good times…

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Like the Weather"

You know that 10,000 Maniac's song, "Like the Weather?" "I get a shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather...." Ugh, that's how I feel around here lately. It seems like today is the first day it hasn't rained in 10 years, and don't you worry, it's supposed to rain again tomorrow. I guess it wouldn't be a proper weekend without a little rain, eh?
In other news, Lyla has slowly been creeping her way into our bed for longer and longer every night. How can we resist this little girl??? She’s so freaking cute I can’t handle it, but the combination of her and Davis in the mornings makes it a MILLION times harder to get out of bed. And I already have a harder time than normal people so basically.. I'm struggling.

And this is the greeting I get when I get home everyday.

lyla from Davis Bell on Vimeo.

Sad that she misses me more than Davis does… I guess she makes the weather seem okay. BTW, in case you haven’t noticed, I think we’re turning into dog people….

"Where The Wild Things Are"

I think this might be the best trailer ever... I'm so excited I can't handle it...Watch it.. I guarantee chills.

I think Arcade Fire was a good choice.

"In 'Da Club"

Who says you can't hit up the club just because you're married???

Akon's birthday was even at the club the same night.. I guess he wanted to celebrate it with a bunch of Mormons...too bad we left before he got there...