Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love going to concerts (as I know most people do). I always have, and I'm pretty sure I always will. I started going really regularly back in junior high, and I think it's what I've spend most of my discretionary income on since. There's just something about seeing the songs that I love performed live that drives me crazy. I LOVE IT. I have ZERO musical ability. ZERO. I'm officially tone-deaf, and I really don't know anything about music other than I love it. So I just really respect people who sound so good live. I'll go to pretty much any show if it's something that I know I'll enjoy... I love all types, but I especially love to see women performers. If it's someone that I especially love, I find myself fantasizing about what it would be like to be them.

This week went to see a band I've been wanting to see my entire life.. Fleetwood Mac. (I told Davis I feel like Madison Square Garden is turning into our "Classic Rock" venue because we've seen so many oldies but goodies there. I feel like if we don't see all of the classics we haven't seen, we won't ever see them because you never know when they're going to quit touring.) Anyways... It was SO amazing to see Stevie live. I loved hearing her so familiar voice, and watching her quirky dance moves. I couldn't stop imagining what her and Lindsey were like back in the day.

Before she sang "Gypsy" she said that she wrote the song back in '78 or '79 when the band was so huge, and she felt like her life was out of control. She said to get away from it all she would empty everything out of her room besides her mattress and some candles, lay on the mattress, with the lights out (probably high), and listen to music. As she was telling the story I couldn't help but picture what her life was like back then, and be slightly jealous. I know it sounds crazy, but I sometimes secretly wish I could have lived the life of a crazy rock and roll star. I think being a little hippie, touring around the country, having intense love affairs, being around all of those crazy talented musicians back in the day, and just being a part of something so huge would be so.. I don't even know the word, but it just sounds appealing in a way that if I didn't care about anything else I would love it. Then you add in singing or playing your heart every night out to screaming fans who can't get enough of you... It sounds so crazy, but so fun and adventurous . I guess it doesn't really fit in with the rest of my life style, eh? Maybe it's good I wasn't born with any musical talent after all. I'll just have to get my fix day dreaming at the shows... I guess Stevie was a little "Gypsy" for me... Holla!


Christian said...

Ditto on loving Fleetwood Mac and ditto on the hippie fantasy.

Breona said...

That's awesome Mel! Her concert was on PBS the other week at like midnight so dave and I stayed up watching it. Her voice is SO distinct! She sang crash by dave Matthews and her version was amazing! I hues the TV concerts are as good as it gets for me...for a while. And about the true hippie days, crazy and so adventurous. My dreads were as close as I'll get. Do it. Haha

nici said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm with you on this one as well.

Macy said...

I have always wanted to go to a Fleetwood Mac concert. Sounds so fun. Did they play "Go Your Own Way"? That was a fav from my childhood.