Thursday, December 18, 2008

"In The Heights"

I finally saw In The Heights, and surprise, surprise, I really liked it.Karen and I didn't win the lottery (I NEVER win those things. I think I'm bad luck.), so we bought limited view seats and were on the third row. They really were actually pretty good seats. I like to sit close so that I can see the performer's faces. Shortly after the show started, I realized I recognized one of the performers, and I was obsessed with watching her the rest of the show...

Do you know what she's from??? Do you want me to tell you???
Remember when everyone went to Yale on GG? And remember how Nate told everyone that his name was Dan, and he made out with that girl?? Well, that's her baby! I guess some of Davis' skills are rubbing off on me. Holla!


Family Bio said...

mel I have no idea what you are talking about, but,,, did you change your number on me? I have been calling you, texting you and missing you, and for some reason you dont want to talk to me, if this is a breakup, let me know!

Nerak said...

Good eye, girl! And I'm still mad we didn't take a pic at the show.