Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Teen Angst"

After eating at The Smith on Friday night we headed over to Webster Hall to see M83, and I realized I forgot my ID. Ugh, annoying right? I thought it would be okay since Helen didn't have her ID at the last show we went to, and Ali passed Helen her ID after Ali used it, and Helen got in. (Did that just make any sense?) Helen and Ali look pretty much NOTHING alike so... no problem, right? Ali and I at least have the same coloring, and how much do the bouncers really look at the picture anyway?

So, Ali got in using her ID, went to the smoking section, gave me her snakeskin bag that her ID in it, and I got in line. I gave the bouncer her ID, and he was like, "Wait, I just saw this ID." Oh crap. What am I going to do now? So I fight with him for a minute about it, and finally I just say, "Look, I forgot my ID, but I'm old enough, I'm not going to drink, please just let me in." And he says, "You had your chance to be honest get out of the line." UGH... ANNOYING. So, I called Ali to tell her that I wasn't getting in, and the bouncer went INTO the club saw Ali on her phone, and kicked her out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So, we're both standing on the street looking pitifully at Webster, so sad that our friends were in the show.

I felt like I was a teenager trying to get into The Bay in high school. I go back up to the bouncer and say, "Look, you caught us, I forgot my ID, but my friend has hers, just let her in, and I'll leave." "You don't have any ID?" "Nope." Then Ali said, "Obviously she's old enough," and he responds, "Nothing is obvious these days. Let me see your ticket." I show him the ticket, and he lets us in, but not before he gives us ANOTHER moral lesson.. "Remember, honesty is the key to life." Thanks for that one buddy, but I can guarantee if I had just gone up to him and said "I don't have my ID," he wouldn't have let me in.... So does that mean honesty isn't the key to life? Technically I was old enough to get in, so was using another ID to get in dishonest? I'm not sure, I'm just glad that I got in.... Holla!


nici said...

You're such an indian.

Ali said...

i can't believe swedish sisters can't pass for the same id..