Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"O New England"

Last week we went to see The Decemberists... I was pretty excited for this show. I saw them a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I feel like they're unique in some ways, and I just love some of their songs. So, we get to the show, and I was loving the first few songs .. They even threw in a little Fleetwood Mac number in the middle of one of the songs which was pretty cool. As the show went on, Colin seemed to think that he was quite the comedian, and he got pretty annoying. It reminded me of Kalai back in the day. Remember how he would talk for 15 minutes in between each song, and we'd all just sit around saying, "I wish he would just shut up and play." That's how we were feeling with Colin.

As Colin continued with his funny man business, he started to rant about Obama. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm an Obama fan, but I seriously felt like I was at a rally.. a three hour long rally, and, really, I just wanted to hear some good tunes, not crazy chanting. At one point Colin would yell, "Yes, we can," and the crowd would yell, "Yes, we did." It was never ending, and it was all a little much for me. It seems like all of the Obama rallying is getting a little out of control. Oprah did FOUR episodes about it last week... FOUR HOURS OF OBAMA.. that's a little intense. I'm just getting a little worried that with all of this hype, there's no way he's going to be seen as a success, especially given the mess that he is being handed. So, yes, I'm excited about the new pres, but I just think everyone needs to calm down about it a bit, but I guess that's just what I think.

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slink said...

Sounds not fun. Bad music, followed by propaganda speech. BORING