Wednesday, November 12, 2008


On Saturday after we scored some deals on fancy dresses, Ali, her work friend, and I headed down to Elizabeth street to look at our new apartment (keep your fingers crossed, it's a good one). We were a little blown away by the apartment and wrapped up in the excitement of moving to a such an ideal situation, when Ali started freaking out about her phone.

M: "It's gotta be in your purse." Fact: Ali has a big purse, and it would be easy to lose a phone in there.
A: "I've never had to dig so long for it, it's not in there!"
M: "It's gotta be in your pocket."
A: "It's not in my pocket!"
M:"It's in one of your shopping bags?"
A:"It's not in my shopping bags. Oh no, I left it in the cab!!"
M: "You didn't leave it in the cab... Keep looking through your stuff, and I'll call it."
A: "I can't hear it ringing. It's in the cab! I left it in the cab!" Panic was setting in at this point.

Two seconds later...
M (with a look of shock): "You're calling me! How can you be calling me? You don't have your phone."
A: "Answer it!!"
M: "Hi, are you in the cab?"
Person with Ali's phone: "Yes, I'm headed to Ave. C."
M: "Take the phone with you and we'll meet you there."

We hop in another cab heading across town in search of Ali's phone.

While we're driving, Ali's work friend gets a call from Ali's phone...

Person with Ali's phone: "Hi did you just call this phone? I found it in a cab."
A to M: "What is she just calling everyone that calls me?"
Ali's work friend: "Where are you again? We're coming to get the phone. Keep it with you."

FINALLY we arrived at Ave. C, get out of the cab, and Ali's work friend says, "Anyone leave anything in the cab," with a smile on his face. Ali said, "Nope," just as work friend pulled Ali's shopping bags out from behind his back!!

Now, a few questions about this situation.... Who actually loses their phone in a cab? THEN gets in another cab to hunt down a stranger who is headed clear across the city... THEN leaves more stuff in the second cab?? THEN is stranded clear on Avenue C waiting for ANOTHER cab to take them home?? All I can say is... Ali's a little spacey, and we better get that apartment, or all of that cab money will have been for nothing, but I am glad we found her phone. The panic setting in when she realized it was lost, was not good.


Kristan said...

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! Oh how this story makes me miss you and the city. And an apartment on Elizabeth! I want to hear all about it.

Ali said...

i am sitting at my desk laughing out loud with watering eyes. why am i so spacey??? i blame my mom, she is too.

Ali said...

oh and to answer your questions, me, me and us.

Rustino Scar said...

you guys are going to be so far away. where are you moving to?

Davis said...

What's a little cab money to a couple of high rollers like you guys?