Sunday, November 02, 2008


Last night we went to the Cloisters to go long boarding. Davis and I have been long boarding here and there this summer, but I hadn't really done any big hills. So, we got up there, went down a couple of times, and I was feeling pretty good about myself. After a few runs I maybe got a little to confident in my abilities, got going a little too fast, and had a tiny crash. After I fell I rolled over and Davis, Andrea, and Slade were all running towards me in a panic (aren't I lucky to have such nice friends?) Turns out I was fine; I just have a couple of battle wounds to show for it, but my favorite pair of skinny jeans didn't fare so well. Davis has offered to fix my jeans the way he's been fixing his only pair for the last year....

There's nothing that a little duct tape won't fix, right? I told him no thanks to the duct tape, but I would take a trip to the jeans floor at Bloomies to make everything all better. Don't you think I earned it by putting my life at risk? As a side note, I've actually learned to really love long boarding. It makes me feel really young and free. It's the same thing climbing always did for me in Utah... HOLLA!


Davis said...

Waste not, want not.

Awesome sweatband, DB.

Nat Attack said...

Blaine? Is that you?