Friday, November 14, 2008

"Another Way to Die"

After being scared out of my mind in court today, I got to go home a little early. While I was trying to de-stress by watching some trashy tv, an ad for 007 came on, and I realized that I must have missed more of the movie than I thought since I didn't recognize a lot of stuff in the ad. You'd think since I went to a midnight showing LAST NIGHT, I'd remember every scene in the movie. Unfortunately, last night I was a little tired, and I slept through quite a bit of the movie. (I think that not being able to make it through a midnight movie means I'm getting old. Boo!) I'm definitely going to have to go see it again, but one thing I'm sure was not in the movie (trust me, they would have woken me up) were these little blue babies!

Oh, how I miss the blue speedo shorts. Why is Daniel Craig such a good 007?


Breona said...

ewe my. he is very attractive! It's the body, chiseled jaw and those bright blue eyes. That's why he's good.

Nerak said...

LOVE him. But didn't love Quantum as much as I loved Casino Royale... Sad.