Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Last weekend I headed up to Boston to hangout with Nat. That's one thing I LOVE about living in NYC... I'm right in the middle of Michele in DC and Nat in Bean Town... It's quite nice to have some quick escapes courtesy of the FungWah... $30 round trip baby. That's what I'm talkin' bout. (I secretly hate the FungWah, and I'm really getting sick of it so I got on Amtrack's website about ten times to consider upgrading to a train ticket before I purchased my stupid bus ticket, but I just couldn't justify the extra expense... Boo for the train being so expensive.)

Anyways... I kind of love going on these weekend excursions because we can choose to do a go go go around the city weekend OR we can be lazy and eat, watch TV, and reminisce about the good old days. This weekend was definitely the latter, since we were basically trapped in the apartment thanks to the out of control rain storm.

Anyways... Nat and I have always shared a love of Rent. We've cried to the music together, cried to the movie together, cried on the front row at the Broadway show together.. AND after last weekend we can now say we've cried through the movie of the Broadway production (if you understand what I mean by that?). I seriously love that play. It gets me every time.

Anyways.. it was a good time up north. I'm only sad I didn't take one picture the entire weekend. It's hard to believe I KNOW.


MishMyBelle said...

Sounds like a fun, relaxing weekend! We could have that again here in a couple of weeks for a holla house reunion?!?!?

Nat Attack said...

Does this make us official Rentheads? Oh boy.

Remember how it poured nonstop ALL weekend? That was kind of a wash. Love love LOVED having you here. Let's make it happen again soon. XOXO.

Tia said...

I love Rent so much!! But I have never seen it on Broadway. Peter of course can't stand my fave song--the years in a life/minutes song!!