Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Can You Tell"

Last week Ali and I had some fun at the Ra Ra Riot show. We entertained ourselves through maybe the worst opening band ever by taking some nerd bomb pics...

After all my years of concert going I thought I'd figured out how to arrive on-time to miss the opening band, or make it , if I wanted to. Apparently, I haven't quite figured it out. Lately, Ali and I have been struggling with this. We were freaking late to Jenny, and then we were SO early to Ra Ra that we saw TWO crappy crappers opening.... Oh well what can you do, right? Ra Ra was so cute and fun, even the beer down my jacket didn't bother me too bad.

This song has brought me so much happiness in the past little bit.. It reminds me a little of Oingo Boingo... How could you not love it?

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