Friday, October 31, 2008


Today I got off work early because it's....The rumor around the office was that Halloween is a big gang initiation day. I guess four women were stabbed last night on the same block that I work. CRAZY, right? Luckily I got home nice and safe!! On a lighter note.. I LOVE seeing all of the kids in their costumes. My favorite so far was a Care Bear.. She was so freaking cute!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"I Put a Spell on You"

Guess who did some pumpkin carving....

Davis and I took this project very seriously...

And so did Parker...

Andrea supervised Slade...

The final results... Do you know what one Davis and I did?

I heart NY.. because I really do lately... It's kind of strange how much I do.

The group pic...

Happy Halloween!

"Bad Man's World"

Liz has a crazy crazy job (she worked over 36 hours straight!!).. and the craziness just ended so we had to go to dinner to celebrate her return to the real world! And to celebrate you need Christmas lights, right?

She even has so much time she dragged me to the gym last night.. HoLLA!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So the other night we were hanging out..
Ron was singing Phantom, Davis was flipping Parker around, you know, the usual... and then Parker wanted to it be "Lissa's turn." Parker is very persistent in his requests, I mean demands, and he wouldn't stop until Davis flipped me too.
Here's "Lissa's turn" in action...

Parker REALLY wanted Ron to go next, but Ron was being mean and was trying to get out of it... Parker wouldn't stop begging though, "Ron's turn, Ron's turn." Finally, Mary said that Ron was too scared to do it, and Parker immediately got so sad and quit asking. An hour later Davis was flipping Parker again, and again it was.. "Lissa's turn." I tried to get out of it by having it be "Ron's turn," but Parker immediately got so serious again, and said, "No, Ron's scared, Lissa's turn." Funny that the little guy could relate to being scared.

I forgot to mention that I also had a turn being dragged around on the tube Parker is holding in that pic... There's nothing like satisfying a two year old... HOLLA!

Monday, October 27, 2008

"High School Musical 3"

On Thursday night Ali, Liz and I came up with the amazing idea of going to HSM 3 at midnight. It was fitting since Liz graduated from the real East High.. HOLLA!
Here what happened... The movie was supposed to start at 12:01am.
12:15am -- Movie man comes and says the "projectorist" (I never knew there was such a thing) is having problems, but the movie will start in 5-10 minutes.
12:40am -- Movie man comes back and says the movie isn't going to start until 1am.. BOO! But if we want we can get our money back plus get a ticket to come back for free... YEAH!
So this week.. it's me and HSM3 for FREE! That's what I'm talkin' bout!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Tonight these sexy sexies are in town and guess who's NOT freaking going... ME.
I've been stressing out about these tickets for the last month.. checking craisglist and stubhub every second trying to find anything reasonable... And here's what happened...

Wednesday night Ron, Davis and I were sitting around and we called Jay from Craigslist who had tickets. Jay told me to meet him in Harlem at 9am the next morning, and I could get the tickets from him. Next thing I know.. It's 10am, and I feel like I'm doing a drug deal with some homey-g-funk up on 125th street. Turns out the tickets were fake, and my heart was broken.

Today I emailed another freak bomb and he said that he had e-tickets and would email me them. I responded, "Is there anyway you can ensure that you haven't sold these to anybody else?'' Guess what I got back.. NO RESPONSE. Ah!

So here am I with no plans on my Friday night because I was 100% positive I was going to be spending it with Brandon. UGH... I'm So Sad. I. Am. So. Sad.

I guess now I can focus my attention on finding a puppy. Ron?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Young @ Heart"

This is such a good movie... Seriously so cute... Go see it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Can You Tell"

Last week Ali and I had some fun at the Ra Ra Riot show. We entertained ourselves through maybe the worst opening band ever by taking some nerd bomb pics...

After all my years of concert going I thought I'd figured out how to arrive on-time to miss the opening band, or make it , if I wanted to. Apparently, I haven't quite figured it out. Lately, Ali and I have been struggling with this. We were freaking late to Jenny, and then we were SO early to Ra Ra that we saw TWO crappy crappers opening.... Oh well what can you do, right? Ra Ra was so cute and fun, even the beer down my jacket didn't bother me too bad.

This song has brought me so much happiness in the past little bit.. It reminds me a little of Oingo Boingo... How could you not love it?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Hometown Glory"

Working for a nonprofit has a few benefits (FEW is the key word here). Okay, okay.. maybe the ONLY benefit of working for a nonprofit is lots and lots of time off. Because of all of that time off I get to go home A LOT. It seems that whenever I go home for a random weekend the alarms go off and everyone starts speculating what is going on.. Is she having a nervous breakdown? Did she quit her job? Did Davis finally dump her? bla, bla, bla.. Their speculations are never correct. I always go home because I JUST LOVE TO BE HOME.

Ever since I graduated from high school I've been torn between loving being home and loving to see and experience new places. I had the perfect balance all through college of living in Utah and going off on fun adventures for the summer. Once the summers ended, I was always ready to get back to life in Utah, and once the school year was over, I was always ready to head off on another adventure.

This all started when Linds and I had the crazy idea to go to Ecuador for five months. I can remember the first time I mentioned it to my mom, and she just went along with it because she thought that it never would really happen. However, Linds and I were determined, and we made it happen.

The next summer Linds, Linds, Katie, Shan and I headed off to Costa Rica for a study abroad... Again, I told my mom we were applying to go and she just said, "that sounds like fun," with a little smile on her face. I know she thought I was talking crazy and would never pull it off, but we all just made our little plans and made it happen.

The summer after CR, I had my first east coast experience with Nici. We spent the summer as camp counselors, hiking around the White Mountains, hanging out in Maine and New Hampshire.

You'd think after three successful summers out of Utah my mom would have learned that when I say I'm going to do something, I DO IT, but the next summer when I said that Michele and I were going to intern in DC, I could tell the same thoughts were running through her head, "Alright honey, you just go and apply, and we'll see what happens." The next thing she knew... We were buying my first round of business casual at BR for my big internship in DC.

I'm sure she thought that once I graduated, was all settled in my cute house in Sugar House, with good friends, the adventures would end, but then grad school came up, and I was as determined as ever to get out of Utah again. So, Michele and I packed our bags again for another east coast adventure in NYC.

Then graduation came, and I couldn't waste my last summer of freedom without another adventure.. so I joined Nici and Krista for their adventures in Africa.

It's crazy too because looking back , I can see how each of these summers shaped what I did next. They were definitely life changing experiences. These little adventures mixed with college life, living with best friends, staying up late watching TV, sleeping in, missing class, dance parties, shopping, bla, bla, bla have created a lifetime of fun memories and friendships that I hope will never end. All of this has made this time of my life so amazing.

That being said, I never thought I'd stay in NYC as long as I have, and as much as I enjoy being here, what keeps me happy and sane are my little trips back to Utah. I just love being HOME, with good friends, the kids, and my family. Some trips to Utah are packed with seeing as many people as I possibly can, mini-camping trips, road trips, and other goodies, and some are packed with seeing nobody, hanging out with Nici and my mom, and playing games with Rocco on my lap. Either way, I love it, and I wouldn't get through being away from home if I couldn't go back so often.

Last weekend was definitely an easy going trip. My mom took a day off work and we ran a bunch of errands to get ready for our up coming death march to MP. I lost Ticket to Ride twice. I played with my kids, and stayed up late chatting with Nici. Oh yeah, and my mom made me an AMAZING Sunday dinner as she always does. I have to say, it tops Patsy's, my NYC substitute.

While I was home, the kids were talking about their Halloween costumes so my mom and I dug through her storage room to find some of our old Halloween costumes. If you don't already know, Pinkie is a PROFESSIONAL seamstress, and when we were young she made all of our costumes. Here are just a couple of her creations...

Spiderman.. Complete with a professional hat...

Dracula.. Complete with a vest and tie... Doesn't O make the perfect vampire since she's been losing all of her teeth? She was cracking me right up.

It was a lot of fun seeing the kids dressed up in our old costumes. The pictures definitely don't do them justice. She also made cookie monster, Batman, Superman, a pirate, and a witch!! Were we spoiled or what?? Good times in Utah, I can't wait to go back home at Christmas!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Wrecking Ball"

A couple of weeks ago I had an NYC first.. BOWLING! I was a little reluctant to go since I haven't been for years, but it turned out to be pretty fun.
You can tell that my team -- Davis, Ron and myself -- were a little frustrated, but Andrea was pretty excited. BOO!

Look at Davis' amazing form...

That form got him this amazing score on the the final frame (he's the second from the top)... If you notice, he got a strike and then NOTHING twice! All he needed was ONE pin, and we would have won! Oh well what can you do? Good trashy times at the lanes!

Monday, October 06, 2008

"Oxford Comma"

So.. I forgot to mention as part of my amazing week.... Thursday night... Did you see that Utah game? I was freaking right out. Unfortunately I wasn't there.. BOO.. but here's a pretty fun one from what seems like many years ago. I hate not getting to go to any games.Also, the VP debate. Pretty entertaining, eh? Luckily, Palin just gave us more reasons to vote for Obama... Here's a funny thing Davis sent me about her...

And what's an "Oxford Comma?" I'm not sure, but Davis won't stop singing that song.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

'The City"

I'm pretty sure that there is no other place in the world that more people have love/hate relationship with than NYC. I hate to say that I have this relationship because... well, I just do, but for whatever reason, I feel like most people who live here do. This week I was definitely loving it the city. There was nothing big that happened, but just a lot of little things that added up to a pretty happy week.

First of all, I'm just loving my new apartment. It's seriously been a life changer to be in a nice apartment with fun people. Besides our new little mouse that I occasionally see running across the room, I can't complain. Even the fourth floor walk-up it'd worth it.

Second of all... While I really miss so many people in Utah everyday... The people here who I choose to spend time with are really great. There were three nights in a row this week where I went to dinner with friends, and I left just genuinely happy from great food, great conversations, and great friends. You can't beat that, eh?

Here's our dinner date from one night... Ron and John...
John just returned from working in Pakistan and had some pretty crazy stories...

Friday night we went to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Now, there's just something about movies that take place here that make me love it even more. This movie seriously made me want to date Micheal Cera, watch Pretty in Pink again, and never leave NYC.

Saturday we had some good times at brunch in Chelsea. Then while the boys were at Priesthood Ali and I headed up to Harlem to see a favorite...

Jenny Lewis!! Okay.. so we were a little late and missed a couple of songs, but I seriously love her. I just want to be her. Why can't I just be Jenny?? Anyways, it was a good show, as usual, and The Apollo was a pretty good venue. It reminded me of Kingsbury Hall and for a second I thought I was back home.

Add in a little long boarding on Sunday afternoon and purchasing a flight home for the weekend and you pretty much have a low-key perfect week. HOLLA!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

"The Frown Song"

I wish I was going to be here tomorrow.... Boo for beach days being over...

Does anyone know what movie this car is from?? HOLLA!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Last weekend I headed up to Boston to hangout with Nat. That's one thing I LOVE about living in NYC... I'm right in the middle of Michele in DC and Nat in Bean Town... It's quite nice to have some quick escapes courtesy of the FungWah... $30 round trip baby. That's what I'm talkin' bout. (I secretly hate the FungWah, and I'm really getting sick of it so I got on Amtrack's website about ten times to consider upgrading to a train ticket before I purchased my stupid bus ticket, but I just couldn't justify the extra expense... Boo for the train being so expensive.)

Anyways... I kind of love going on these weekend excursions because we can choose to do a go go go around the city weekend OR we can be lazy and eat, watch TV, and reminisce about the good old days. This weekend was definitely the latter, since we were basically trapped in the apartment thanks to the out of control rain storm.

Anyways... Nat and I have always shared a love of Rent. We've cried to the music together, cried to the movie together, cried on the front row at the Broadway show together.. AND after last weekend we can now say we've cried through the movie of the Broadway production (if you understand what I mean by that?). I seriously love that play. It gets me every time.

Anyways.. it was a good time up north. I'm only sad I didn't take one picture the entire weekend. It's hard to believe I KNOW.