Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Uptown Girl"

A few weeks ago I moved into a new cute apartment. I'm pretty sure it was the best move I've made in awhile. You never know how much certain things bug you until you don't have to deal with them anymore. I'm loving living in a better location, in a nicer apartment, with fun girls.

Ali and I decided to save some room and just have one bed... It's worked out pretty well so far. Ali keeps telling me she hits me during the night, but those who know me well, know that I'm such a deep sleeper than even beatings in the middle of the night won't wake me up.

Ali picked out this cute color to paint the walls. Pretty cute, eh? I feel like I'm becoming a professional painter living here.

Who knew we'd fit both of our stuff in one room?? We're probably not the best candidates to share a room. We both have kind of a lot of stuff, but after I got rid of half of my clothes we made it fit!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is my last move in NYC. Hopefully my Christmas tickets is a one way...Holla!


slink said...

Sleeping together, ehh? Sounds pretty GAY to me.

Andrea said...

One way tickets to WHERE???

Christina said...

You're room is so cute! One way ticket? Does that mean that you're moving back to Utah? Also, does that mean that Spencer, Emerson, and I will see you for New Years? So many questions that I'm sure you're not ready to answer.

Ali said...

why would you want to leave such a cute room?

Tia said...

Oh man...just looking at your bed makes me want to get back to NYC. It is seriously SO comfy. And I love your apartment and your room.

Breona said...

Nice job! The apartment looks so cute! And your bed does look comfy! So ya, you coming back to Utah for good? Fill is all in. Back to the centi? You can live in kamas with us if you need some farm land living now. Haha.