Friday, June 13, 2008

"Killing the Blues"

The other night Davis and I had a little bit of a life changing experience. Do I sound overly dramatic? Probably, but honestly... Allison and Robert ... Are you kidding me?
When Robert first started singing I was pretty much blown away by his voice... I was hearing the freaking voice of Led Zeppelin... Led Zeppelin people, that's pretty huge. Allison wasn't too shabby herself... And the band? Well they knew how to rock it right out.

So there you go... Another success!

I was going to put some videos up, but Davis' computer was taking way way way too long. Boo.


Breona said...

That's awesome Mel. Cousin trish is going to the Colorado concert. Post some videos later. I wish I had a freakin computer.

Ali said...

Melissa...i didn't even realize your bday came and went!ah! i am a bad friend..but i love you! xoxo