Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The Promise"

Guess who was at church today... So, during stake conference Davis and I were manning the security desk. ( To be honest, I was kind of annoyed at him for signing up for this duty, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was like a get out of church free card, but we were earning blessings in the process. There's nothing like cheating the system. HOLLA!)

To keep ourselves entertained we were having a Copter competition on the iPhone. I was playing, and Davis started nudging me to get my attention. I, of course, thought he was just trying to mess me up, so I ignored the nudging and kept playing. After an annoying amount of nudges, I died on my game, looked up, and there he was, looking like the star that he is. Davis directed him to the meeting, and he was gone. The second he walked around the corner, we both reached for our phones, and the Mormon gossip chain began. This is the second "star" from Napoleon we've run into, kinda crazy, right? There's nothing like a good old celebrity sighting.

And... whenever I think of Napoleon, I think of the AMAZING When in Rome song... Crazy enough that's the name of the movie that he's filming in NYC right now.

BTW, this version is my favorite one. It's so good it kind of makes me want to cry, is that strange?


Davis said...

My celebrity spotting skills border on ESP.

Nat Attack said...

Glad to know fame hasn't gone to his hair.

hasselboff said...

if you loved me you would have talked to him and invited him to dinner with us.