Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Michelle My Bell"

For some unknown reason Michele left me for DC, but last weekend she came to visit... Every time she comes I forget she ever left -- It feels like we live together in our little apartment again, and I LOVE IT!

Jersey Baby!Mormon Social Workers....

Why do I feel like everyone is leaving me? Michele.. Come back.. HURRY HURRY HURRY!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"The Book Thief"

For book club this month we read....

After a slow start, I really got into this book, and I couldn't put it down. I've never really enjoyed reading Holocaust books in the past, but this was a really sweet story.

For our discussion, we ate at a German place...

And we couldn't get enough of the wiener schnitzel ...

Since I enjoyed that book so much, I've decided to continue with the theme. Up next...

Monday, April 28, 2008

"Let's Get it Started"

I love the playoffs, especially when my Jazz are playing well. Living on the east coast complicates things -- that's why I've been up four nights in the last week until 1:30 am stressing out during the fourth quarter of these stupid games. The only good thing about the Jazz not sweeping the Rockets is this man....

He's a pretty sexy one, and I can't really get enough of him.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Always Asking Questions"

I've been reading Dooce for a couple of years now. Despite being pretty offensive, I actually find her pretty funny. I have to roll my eyes at some of what she says about Mormons, but sometimes I think she gets things right, and I have to admit, she makes me laugh. This little convo made me laugh right out loud..

We should invite the new neighbors over for a drink."

"Sure, but how do you know they aren't Mormon?"

"I don't know, I just got this feeling. They didn't read Mormon."

"What does that mean? DIDN'T READ MORMON."

"Maybe it was the horns poking out of their foreheads."

"Did they have Wiccan talismans hanging from their necks?"

"No, but one of them had two piercings in one ear."




"You heard me."

"Dude, you know what that means. We invite them over for drinks and two weeks later someone is going to discover our headless bodies shoved inside the dumpster behind Denny's."

"You're right. I just felt The Spirit leave this conversation. That can't be a good sign."

BTW.. apparently Dooce is a pretty big deal. You can read about her in the WSJ. Holla!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I know that everyone is in love with Shayne. Even I admit, I've kind of fallen for her, but last night after seeing her mom I had nightmares. Seriously, she should be used as a public service announcement for plastic surgery gone bad.

I couldn't find a picture of her so this video will have to do.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The Promise"

Guess who was at church today... So, during stake conference Davis and I were manning the security desk. ( To be honest, I was kind of annoyed at him for signing up for this duty, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was like a get out of church free card, but we were earning blessings in the process. There's nothing like cheating the system. HOLLA!)

To keep ourselves entertained we were having a Copter competition on the iPhone. I was playing, and Davis started nudging me to get my attention. I, of course, thought he was just trying to mess me up, so I ignored the nudging and kept playing. After an annoying amount of nudges, I died on my game, looked up, and there he was, looking like the star that he is. Davis directed him to the meeting, and he was gone. The second he walked around the corner, we both reached for our phones, and the Mormon gossip chain began. This is the second "star" from Napoleon we've run into, kinda crazy, right? There's nothing like a good old celebrity sighting.

And... whenever I think of Napoleon, I think of the AMAZING When in Rome song... Crazy enough that's the name of the movie that he's filming in NYC right now.

BTW, this version is my favorite one. It's so good it kind of makes me want to cry, is that strange?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last weekend we went to the strangest thing I have ever been to in my life. We've been working on how to describe it, and we came up with -- modern dance/rave/industrial art/raining/karate boards/tin foil/strangeness/rappelling/treadmills/running/slip 'n slides/AMAZING... Did you get that? If not, here are some pics to help you better understand the night...

Before the strangeness began...
Floating bodies...

more bodies and claustrophobia..



slip 'n slide

one last body...

our new friend on the subway....

come and visit and you can experience the strangeness too....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Times Like These"

I'm an auntie AGAIN!
Emerson R Harrison
Born 6:08 a.m. (c-section) in Chandler AZ
Red(ish) hair; 8.4 lbs., 21.25 inches.
It's times like this that living on the freakin east coast really sucks... I just want to hold him.

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Did I Shave My Legs for This?"

A little while ago, Karen, Kristan, and I took a creative writing class. I’ve never really considered myself of good writer, but what can you do? I had fun taking the class. In fact, it was pretty hilarious. I felt like I was in a social experiment every week…our teacher was crazy, and the other members of the class were quite interesting. I wish you all could have been there to experience the wonder that was creative writing 101. Anyways, one of our assignments was to write about something we hated. It was pretty interesting to hear what people came up with. The “angry lesbian” in the class hated “happy couples,” that’s right, happy freaking couples. She was crazy, and I’m pretty sure she was on the verge of killing the next happy couple she saw. Someone else hated apples, random right? I can’t remember what everyone else hated, but I got a kick out of them at the time. Anyways, here’s what I came up with…..

I hate to shave my legs in the winter. There’s just something about shaved legs in the winter that is absolutely pointless. It’s like making the bed in the morning – I guess people make their bed out of habit, or a sense of duty, but really, what’s the point? It’s going to get messed up twelve hours later, and most likely, nobody will ever see it looking nice, but for some unexplainable reason, people just keep on going about their business, tucking in those sheets, every single morning, like the world will end if one corner is left out.

I’m pretty sure I quit shaving my legs out of laziness. I don’t remember making a conscious decision to quit shaving, but let’s face it, for someone who can barely muster a couple of showers a week, having silky smooth legs just isn’t very high on the priority list. So between the months of October and April I keep my socially-unacceptable-man-legs hidden under pants, leggings, and tights, but every once in a while, they sneak out of hibernation only to be frightened back in by the reaction of their more civilized onlookers.

The looks my fury friends receive are rather shocking. From these looks, you’d think my legs were survivors of a horrible accident left marled and mangled, left so deformed that onlookers cannot muster the strength to look away. These onlookers have to hold their gazes a little longer to convince themselves that what they are seeing is actually real. Many take three or four quick glances, scanning back and forth between my face and my legs, wondering to themselves, “Are those legs really on a girl, or am I just imagining the horror that is before my eyes.”

If only these incriminating eyes knew the joy that my man hair brings me. Gone are the dread filled prickly pear days of snagging nylons on a single day’s growth. Gone is the lava that used to burst through my skin after one bout of shivers, leaving me with nothing to show for my extra time logged in the shower. These days I spend extra time in bed embracing my decision to abstain from the razor. Now my winter coat keeps my legs extra toasty all winter long, while my pocket book lavishes the extra weight it endures with the money it protects from being wasted on shaving gel, razors, exfoliates, and lotions.

Others also reap the awards from my abstinence. My roommates no longer have to navigate their way through my fallen hair to enjoy their showers. Boyfriends no longer look at me with pain filled eyes after running their hands over my sandpaper legs. Instead my legs welcome them with open arms like a hug from a childhood teddy bear. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever dated a boy who didn’t grow to appreciate my leg hair.

While others look down on me for my decision, I’ll continue to enjoy my friends down south, keeping me company throughout the cold winter months. Here’s to hating to shave my legs, until shorts and swimsuits refuse to protect them from prying eyes any longer.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Rich Girl"

Saturday was an amazing day.. The best I've had in quite a bit... It was the first day that I regretted wearing a coat... Mm Hmm.. I was a warm one and we took a long ride on the scootsies, and it got me so incredibly excited for warmer weather I couldn't really handle it... Plus I woke up with this amazing ditty in my head... Usually the songs I wake up with don't let me down and this one was a keeper... Why do 80's songs immediately make me happy? I guess I need more 80's in the winter...

After cruisin' around singing Rich Girl...we headed downtown for some Ninja fun.. . If you know these girls.. you can read all about it at the appropriate places...
The highlight of the night was our crazy magician friend... He gave me his signature.. HOLLA.. I guess I can quit my job now... I can't really think about the fact that nights like this are quickly coming to an end.. SIGH...