Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

This weekend we headed out to Randall's Island for Chris Kemp's rugby game. I never knew rugby was such a weird sport... Luckily, Amy was there to explain all the weirdness to us...

I never knew that it could be so cold in almost-April... Luckily, Davis had his boyfriend and girlfriend there to keep him warm...

Luckily, Parker had scootsies to keep him entertained...

and blankets to keep him warm....

And luckily, NYC has yummy restaurants or some of us would never eat...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Peaceful Easy Feeling"

I feel like I've been living at the airport the last couple of weeks. I went home for a wedding and then four days later headed back for a funeral. It was good to spend some quality time with my family. Every time I go, it just makes me realize how much I wish I lived closer to them. Here's the fam minus one wife and three and a half little kiddies... Christina is going to have her baby any second so unfortunately she wasn't able to come for the funeral, but she was nice enough to let Spencer come for a few days.

And I can't resist posting one of William. He's seriously the biggest sweetheart. I can't get over him.

"Across the Universe"

Last night we FINALLY watched this movie, and I'm completely obsessed. LOVED IT. Jim Sturgess is pretty much as sexy as it gets. Between Nici, Tia, and myself we had the "He's so sexy..." comments covered. I think the boys were wishing we were saying that about them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"When You Were Young"

"Sometimes you close your eyes and you see the place where you used to live..."

I went home last week for Heid and Jason's wedding, and I was pretty much a big ball of emotions the entire time, but I had a good times spending time with good friends and the fam....

and of course the Rock Dog....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Tomorrow I'm headed back to Zion for this wedding....

I can't really get over how cute I think this engagement video is. I guess if you knew these two you'd like it even more... This wedding is like two of my, what used to be very separate, worlds colliding. I feel like so many people's tiny decisions made this one happen... A group of girls deciding to move to SLC with nothing else to do after graduation, another girl randomly moving to Denver, another girl randomly moving into Holla House, random dance parties, and love notes.. AHH.. how it all came together. I love it!! To get the celebration started Nici and K are having a little summer bbq.. if you're in SLC and bored come check it out.. HOLLA!

"Leaving Las Vegas"

A couple of weekends ago Davis and I met some of his Utah friends in vegASS for a weekend of perfection..... This included...


boys entertaining themselves for HOURS with a football

sitting in the hot tub....

and playing a really fun pool game that's not pool...

The highlight of the trip had to be Davis winning two hundred dollar bets at the roulette table in a row.. "RED! RED! RED!" That's what I'm talkin'bout.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dream homes?: Law limiting lawsuits would be a nightmare

Here's an article that was published in the Trib about Senate Bill 220...

Buying a new home can be a dream come true. Or it can be a nightmare.
Shoddy construction, defective materials and negligence on the part of contractors, developers, engineers and architects can turn the biggest purchase of a person's life into the biggest fiasco.
When that happens, and home builders refuse to effect repairs, the only recourse is filing a lawsuit. And that option may become a lot more limited for victims of negligent home construction and design in Utah.
The Utah Home Builders Support Society, doing business as the Utah Legislature, is taking steps to ensure that, for some unfortunate home buyers, the nightmare never ends, and the fiasco keeps on growing.
Senate Bill 220, titled "Cause of Action for Defective Construction," aka the Negligence is A-OK Act, would limit the ability of homeowners to sue for negligence. Lawsuits would be largely limited to breach of contract actions.
To understand the ludicrousness of it all, consider this: To be negligent, according to the Webster's New World College Dictionary, is to be "careless, lax, inattentive or indifferent." And if you're careless, lax, inattentive and indifferent in the construction of a home that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, a home where buyers will spend the majority of their time for the rest of their lives, you should be held accountable.
This anti-consumer legislation, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Curtis Bramble, R-Provo, and Rep. Stephen Urquhart, R-St. George, has been approved by the Senate and awaits action in the House.
Backed by industry trade groups, the measure is designed to combat what they define as frivolous lawsuits, another ridiculous concept. People with persistent problems that home builders refuse to rectify don't sue for the fun of it. They sue out of frustration and desperation, trying to protect the biggest investment of their lives.
Plus, the bill would limit the right to file lawsuits to the initial buyer, eliminating any recourse against the contractor, architect, engineer or developer after a home is resold.
It's a law designed to protect hit-and-run builders at the expense of regular folks, the ones
who do all the working and tax-paying and voting in this state. That's something the House members should keep in mind when they consider this misguided bill.
People with persistent problems that home builders refuse to rectify don't sue for the fun of it. They sue out of frustration and desperation, trying to protect the biggest investment of their lives.

Help Prevent a Bad Law in Utah

Senate Bill 220 (SB 220) severely limits the rights of Utah citizens to sue for construction
defects in the homes they have purchased. SB 220 has passed the Senate and the House will vote on it Monday, March 3, 2008.

A. I am asking you to send an email, immediately, to your Representative in the House and tell
them that you live in their District and want them to vote AGAINST Senate Bill 220.

1) If you live in Centerville, your Representative is Roger Barrus. Email him at:

2) If you don't live in Centerville, to find your Representative's email address go to:

B. Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to send emails to their Representatives before Monday.

In plain English, rather than legalese, here's what Senate Bill 220 says:

You can sue for Construction Defects in your new home:
1.Only if You are the original purchaser, and are buying directly from the developer/contractor
2.The construction defects arise within the contract warranty period (typically one year), and
3.The construction defects are listed in the purchase contract that you "negotiated" with the
original developer/contractor.
4.You can not sue for construction defects if you bought a new condominium or townhouse.
5.You can not sue for "failure of construction to function as designed".
6.You can not sue for the "Loss of Value" of the property due to the defective construction.

Basically, Senate Bill 220 allows Utah developers/contractors to sell poorly constructed houses
(including condos and town homes) and the owners have little or no recourse through the courts.
Let's examine Items 1-6 and see how this happens:

1.If the builder/developer sells the home to an individual, John Doe, who discovers that it is a
lemon and John Doe sells it to you, you are stuck. You cannot sue anyone for the construction
defects. Additionally, if the original contractor or real estate developer sells the home to an
affiliated Marketing Company, and the Marketing Company sells the home to you, you cannot sue for construction defects, since you are not "in privity of contract" with the original contractor or the real estate developer.

2.Builders typically only offer a one year warranty. Construction defects often arise after the
warranty expires. If they do, too bad for you.

3.How likely is it that you will negotiate a purchase contract with the original
developer/contractors that lists specifically the construction defects that arise in your new home (especially within the warranty period)? Does the typical individual ever negotiate his own purchase contract with the original developer/contractor? If the construction defect that arises is not spelled out in the contract, you can't sue for the construction defect.

4.A significant percentage of new home construction in Utah consists of condominiums and
townhouses. In this situation, the exterior foundation, exterior walls, roofs, etc. are owned and
maintained by a Home Owners Association (HOA), not by the people who own the individual units.The HOA is not "in privity of contract" with the original contractor or developer, consequently a lawsuit cannot be brought for construction defects in foundation, exterior walls and roofs.

5.Basically, this section of the law means you can't sue if something doesn't work as it was
designed to work.

6. You can't sue for the loss in value to the property caused by the defective construction.

Please help defeat this harmful Bill before it becomes law that hurts Utahns.