Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"How to be Dead"

I'm sad, I really like Halloween, but I didn't get to dress up this year...

Oh well.. I guess there's always last year's memories ...

And the year before that's...


Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Monday, October 29, 2007

"Young Folks"

So... We sent the boys to Colorado for the World Series... And the girls headed to NYC...

Here's what we did with ourselves...

Tia and her cute friend Mares came...
They were the go-go dancers on Regis and Kelly... Pretty big time..
Pinkie joined us the next day.. And we saw Walmartopia...

Saturday we hit up some stores... Don't worry, two hours trying on jeans flew right by...
Then we headed to Grease on Broadway...

We splurged on a cab a time or two...

Sunday we hit up the Manhattan 8th Ward...
It gave everyone a chance to relive their single's ward glory days...

After church we headed across the Brooklyn Bridge...

Oh ya, Davis joined us, as our polygamist husband....

Here's a random one...

Suz, we wish you had been here to complete the Harrison Girl's Weekend....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Lately, I'll sit in my apartment, watch TV and crave Pinkberry, but not have the motivation to go across town or clear downtown to get it... Today marked the end of my unfulfilled cravings... PINKBERRY OPENED ON 110 AND BROADWAY.

I have a bad feeling I'm going to start packing on the Pinkberry pounds.
And is anybody else glad that Hillary is off the Bach? I couldn't handle anymore crying. She was the biggest nut job I have ever seen. She freaked me right out. If I were Brad, I would watch out because I'm pretty sure she's going to kill him because if she can't have him, nobody can.

Monday, October 22, 2007


This picture makes me happy. I miss my kids.

When I saw this picture I couldn't help but think how lucky James, Olivia, and Miles are to be where they are. It makes me sad when I think about the kids I work with. I'm already struggling with wanting to take them home with me. I think I'm in trouble, it's only week 3.And I can't get this song out of my head...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I feel like my NY experience is now complete -- I've been to the Hamptons. I'm a little disappointed there weren't any celeb sightings, but other than that, the weekend was a pretty good time. I now understand why the Hamptons are such a big deal. It really is the perfect escape from the city.

Who knew, it's the end of October, but on Saturday we spent the day at the beach.
Davis and Craig played catch with Parker.

The whole reason for this little weekend away was the showing of "Resolved" at the Hamptons Film Festival. It's a documentary about high school debate (think Spellbound). Craig did all of the music for the movie, and is friends with the director (who we've also hung out with a couple of times. I was feeling pretty big time. I guess that's what I get for dating Davis.)

Me, Davis, Craig Mary

Here's Greg, the director, during the question and answer session after the movie. He's a pretty interesting guy -- Mormon bishop, director of another movie you may have heard of "New York Doll", and super friendly and fun to be around.

After the big showing of "Resolved," we got some dinner... Here's the group. I'm sure this was our waitresses first time serving a group this big, without one person ordering "a drink," oh wait, Ron had a diet coke.

We also spent a lot of time at the cool house Craig and Mary arranged for us.
This is a perfect example of what I do everyday -- Wonder if Davis is dating me or Ron.

Next big purchase: A house in the Hamptons.

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Happy Birthday"

Yesterday was Holly's B-day!

She chose a chain place since we don't go to those too much around here. We went to Outback.. it was yummy. At least the left overs I scrounged off of all of plates was yummy. It's times like these that working in the Bronx has serious disadvantages -- being an hour late to dinner.

"Hotel Song"

The other night we went to see Regina Spektor...
The show was a lot like I expected it to be.. a little weird, awful opening act.. bla bla bla.... Actually, I really didn't love this show. It was a little boring. I usually like to go to shows, but I like to go because I like to feel something at the show.. Regina was pretty empty. She just plowed through a bunch of songs, nothing too exciting. Oh ya, and she messed up more than anyone I've ever seen. It was actually a little embarrassing for her.

The opener sucked. He reminded me of a junior high battle of the bands -- screaming and that's about it. However, Regina and the opener actually surprised me during the encore with a really fun version of "Hotel Song." I wish Regina had brought that energy earlier in the show so that I wouldn't have been tempted to leave early.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"These Days"

Wicker Park is not a very good movie, but for some reason I can still remember, very vividly, the first time I saw it -- Clover Haus, south of campus, P-town, Utah. There were a bunch of random people over, I'm pretty sure I was laying in the LuvSac, down in our pit... It's a random memory, but I can't get it out of my head.
When I was in Utah, Nici had the Mazzy Star (BTW, Hope Sandoval, lead singer of Mazzy Star, might have the sexiest voice ever. It just does something to me every time.) song from the soundtrack playing in her car, and it reminded me of that night. I've been listening to that little soundtrack lately and thinking about my time in Provo. It seems like such a fun, easy time. I shared a room with one of my favorite people, my brother lived right across the street, I was just down I-15 from amazing, weekly Sunday dinners... Days were spent missing class, going to lunch, climbing, hiking, wasting time playing Tetris Attacks... My biggest stress was my procrastination of school. Oh, those were the days. It wasn't even that long ago, but sometimes it seems like forever. Every once in a while, I hate growing up, and I wish I could go back. I hate to say it, but I kind of miss those days.

Friday, October 12, 2007

"Jah Work"

The first week of work is officially over. I made it out alive, but I canceled a trip to see my girl, Michele, because of it. I'm a bad friend, I know, but my little body just isn't used to a 9-5 schedule. It's a hard one to get used to!

I'm not really in the full swing of things yet, but work is definitely interesting. For example, today when I walked out of my office I was on the phone talking to Andrea. I had a hard time hearing her, because sitting right there on the road was a suped-up van with some hood rat music blasting out of it, right then the train went by overhead, and I'm pretty sure everyone I walked by was looking at me funny because I kind of stick out in the neighborhood. I guess this is what running around in the projects prepared me for last year -- good times in the Bronx. I'm pretty sure there's going to be some crazy stories from this job, so get ready.

To de-stress tonight we watched FNL. PEOPLE, IF YOU AREN'T WATCHING, WATCH, YOU'RE MAKING A MISTAKE. Tonight's episode was seriously amazing. That show just blows me away. I've basically decided I have to make out with Tim Riggins and marry Coach Taylor, and that's what just has to happen. So there you go.

In other news... I like this picture of Romey, and I kind of wish I was back in Utah right now.

"These Photographs"

Karen and I are taking a photography class, and I'm loving it. I just kind of laugh about it because our teacher is a little intense. I feel like I'm back in high school and I'm going to get in trouble if I'm late, or don't turn in an assignment, or fail a pop quiz -- She's out of control. In case you didn't know, I'm the least visual/creative/artistic person ever, and so showing my pictures in front of our class, to our intense, not afraid to make you look stupid, teacher is a little scary. But what do I care anyways, right?

Here's some shots for last weeks assignments. They're not very good, but it's super fun playing around with my camera.

"intentional smear" cars going past the temple

"light drawing" don't worry, it only took us 29 million shots to get this one


i'm not very good, but at least i'm having fun

now i have to think of a theme for my final project -- anyone have any good ideas?
i think she's going to kill me next week if i don't present at least one idea for a theme.. help me

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


CHECK IT OUT and let me know what you think....

Monday, October 08, 2007


My mom has ADD. She seriously cannot sit still for five seconds. If you combined my laziness with her ADD you would still have a highly active, crazy person. Whenever I go home it cracks me up to watch her run around. This weekend in Wyoming she undid the scarf I've been knitting and started it again, finished a seat cushion, tied a quilt, made amazing food, gave four men haircuts... the list seriously goes on and on.

Pinkie is also a compulsive reader. Just to give you an example of how compulsive she is, I think she's read the Wheel of Time series 3 times. That's about 13, 1000+ page books about another world. (don't worry, pinkie was sad to inform me that Robert Jordan, the author of these books, just died before he finished the last one. so now she did all that reading for nothing.) She's pretty much crazy.

Anyways, I was reading Atonement when I arrived in Utah last week. She, of course, took it one day and started reading it, kept wanting to read it throughout the weekend while I was reading it, and then read it on the way home from Wyoming. I kind of hate it when people read books at the same time as me (as in, share the same copy), and she knows this, but did it anyway! Last night I was under a lot of pressure to finish this book so I could leave it home for her to finish. I made Pinkie happy, and finished, but I'm not sure I loved this book. I didn't hate it, I just didn't love it. I'm excited to hear what other people think about it, and I'm excited for the movie to come out next month. This has potential to be a movie I like better than the book it's based on. Who knows.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Come and See"

This was what my weekend in Star Valley was all about... Sleeping and little dogs!

Friday, October 05, 2007


LUNCH AT CAFE RIO! It reminded me of the old days when John, Suz, the kids, and I went there ALL THE TIME.. as the little family that we were. Thanks John and Suz! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera today so I didn't get any pics of my cute kids. Now we're off to Star Valley, AKA -- Heaven on Earth, for the weekend. HOLLA!

For some reason I'm loving this song lately. There's something about cheesy country songs... I'm just a sucker for them. What can you do? I guess it makes up for my inability to be cheesy in real life.

"Don't Worry"

I'm sure all of this talk about Sex and the City is making me look like one, big, fat TV junky. I'm not denying this, I just thought I'd make myself feel better about all of my TV time, by letting you all know that sometimes I'm productive while logging all of those hours...

Here's an example: Burp Cloth and Blanket... Done and Done.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Home, Sweet Home"

I left my girls in NYC...
(On Tuesday we went to an Afghan restaurant to discuss our latest book. KC is doing a great job choosing appropriately themed places for our book discussions.)

For my girls in Utah...
(We went to a Bountiful classic and then had a waxing party at Kate's new salon.)
Shan and Kent brought their new baby, Maddy, to dinner. She is so cute. I can't get over her hair. It was so fun to meet her. I think I'd honestly be happy sitting and holding her for the rest of my life.

Of course, it was so fun to wake up to Roco barking outside my door today. He LOVES to come in and wake me up. I miss my quality time with this little guy.

Oh ya, Princess O and I had some fun today too! Here she is displaying "the very special secret about her dress."

I can't really complain about my first day home! I just wish everyday could be like this one.

"Homeward Bound"


I think some people are worried that I'm home or wondering why I came home... so let's just clear some things up...

NO.. I didn't come home to make any "announcements"

NO... I'm not having a nervous breakdown

UMMMMM.... are there any other speculations?

I came home because I finally got a job! YES, IT'S TRUE -- I'm putting my super expensive "certificate" to use and working. I know many of you thought this day would never come, and maybe I kind of did too. I can finally quit freaking out about it, but knowing that I'm starting to work a real job, on Tuesday, has me a little stressed out. No more sleeping in, no more Sex and the City marathons, no more wandering around the city alone all day... My days of freedom are over!

It's kind of amazing how this kind of stuff always works out though -- I finally finished the whole series of Sex and the City the day I got my offer! The series was just long enough to last me through my job search -- perfection! I'm a little sad about finishing. I've really enjoyed my time with Carrie and the girls, but I guess it's time to move on.

AND they showed The Waitress on my flight today. It's like I was meant to be on that flight. I've been trying to see that stupid movie since it premiered at Sundance, and let me tell you it definitely lived up to everything I've heard. Why is Keri Russell so cute? She'll always be Felicity in my mind. When she was promoting The Waitress, I saw her on The View. She was about 9 months prego at the time, and it seriously made me want to be pregnant. She was the cutest pregnant person I've ever seen! I just love her.

Anyways... I'm excited to be home for a couple days of freedom before my lifetime of slave labor begins.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"New Slang"

Tia posted this song on her blog the other day.

It's a standard goody, who doesn't love New Slang, right? Apparently The Shins don't.. For some reason when I heard it yesterday it reminded me of their show last summer.

This was my second Shins show. I saw them the year before that, and I really enjoyed the show. They were so fun, and joking around with the crowd the whole time, it was just a really good time. Last year, however, not so much. ..

I'm pretty sure the band was wasted out of their minds. Which, bands usually are, but it's their job to act normal even though they're trashed, right? Anyways, they started playing New Slang, and the crowd was singing along like they're supposed to, and the guy (sorry, I don't know the singer's name) kept messing up. Like he got to the 2nd verse and just kinda mumbled something... so they started the song over.... 2nd verse, again... OOPS... messed up again... I think they started it over 3 times and he couldn't make it through. Finally, he was just like," I'm sick of playing this f*ing song.. bla bla bla... "

I don't even think they played an encore that night. I have to say, I was a little disappointed with my boys. I'm sorry that you have to play the same song a lot, but it's what made you famous, and you're making a lot of money for it, so get over yourselves. Ya know, what I'm saying? Honestly, I mean, let's face it, I do still love their music, but when I think of that show, I get a little bothered.