Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"No Tan Lines"

It's midterms.


My problem is that whenever I have stuff I'm supposed to be doing I do ANYTHING else.

Wednesday is my day off, and I had all of these grand plans to wakeup and work on my paper, but did that happen? NOPE.

Today my day looked like this...

-- Got up

-- Chatted with Michele

--Watched The View

--Nerded around on the internet

--DID HOMEWORK (yep, I did buckle down for a minute or two)

--Went to The Loft

--Went to lunch

--WENT TANNING (this was to prepare for my cruise in 10 short days)

--Tried on new swimsuits with Michele

--Chatted on the phone


--I think when I'm done blogging I will finally start on my paper at 6:45 PM.

I did love my day, but Why, why, why do I do this to myself? I think I need to learn how to buckle down and stop procrastinating my life away. HELP ME.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Publish My Love"

This is A Random John, he's pretty famous. Last year we spent quite a bit of time together, and it was pretty fun.

Anyways... just wanted to to thank him for the help with the new template. I'm kind of liking it, stay tuned for more changes still to come.

Monday, February 26, 2007

"Strange Condition"

Sometimes I forget how much I love certain things.

Like concerts for example. When I think about things I love to do attending concerts is probably in the top three, but sometimes I still have to talk myself into going. Why do I do that? It bugs me that I do that.

Anyways, on Thursday Nici, Hebe, and I went to a show, a pretty pretty good show. We were back and forth about going all day, and we ended up just biting the bullet and going. Now, why would I not be 100% sure about going to a show, a Pete Yorn show at that, who I happen to be a pretty big fan of? Who knows, I think I'm getting lame in my old age, but if we hadn't gone we definitely would have missed out.

Why we would have missed out if we had been lame and not gone to the Pete show:

1. Nici and Hebe are my two favorite people to go to shows with , and I don't get those special opportunities very often.

2. Pete is soooooooooo sexy..... sexy eyes, sexy hair, sexy voice, sexy clothes, he's a sexy sexy sexy man.

3. I kind of fell in love with Aqualung (they opened). You may remember them from the hit show The O.C., but you definitely need to re-meet them and learn to love them as I did on Thursday.

4. The Aqualung man is pretty sexy too, oh ya, and he has an English accent... WOW... even if his songs had sucked (which they didn't) his talking in between would have made up for it.

5. I discovered A Fine Frenzy (the first opener). She had a beautiful voice, and I just kinda loved her chill songs... You should all learn her and love her.

6. The dancing. I'd kinda forgotten how much I love dancing around at shows. Expending energy that way is pretty much the best thing ever.

7. The smoke smell in my sweater that I'm now going to have the dry-clean...mmmm... can't beat that.

8. Did I mention that Pete was extraordinarily sexy?

9. I fell in love with some Pete songs that I had brushed off before ( I love going to shows and discovering new songs!), oh ya and the Rolling Stones cover he did... loved that.

10. Smiling smiling and smiling because I had so much fun at the show, and listening to Pete, A Fine Frenzy, and Aqualung for the last four days straight!

11. Oh ya, and the music was pretty amazing... that's the whole point of going, right? Well and of course the sexiness of the musicians!

Why do concerts have to be so expensive in stupid NYC? The lack of shows in my life is ruining it one day at a time.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Too Little, Too Late"

It's 2:12 AM, and I'm still up, BLOGGING, what am I doing? My alarm is set to go off at 4:10 and my flight leaves at 6:00 AM. I still need to pack, I would like to take a shower, and I was thinking some sleep would be nice, but at this point, what's the point, right? Is two hours of sleep that much better than no hours of sleep? I'm not sure it is because I hate to wake-up more than anything else in the world.

Quick question, this is Ron, do you think he may be gay?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"American Tune"

Remember how I wake up with random songs in my head? Today it was American Tune by Paul Simon. Not only did I wake up with it in my head, but I can't get it out of there. Why, why, why does this happen to me?

Besides that song the only thing I can think about is going home tomorrow. I'm a little obsessed, and I'm having a hard time concentrating in class today. Gosh Utah, don't be so distracting.

Anyways... Michele was just showing me some random pics on her camera that I had forgotten about, so I figured I'd post them.

Here's some M&M randomness of the day (I don't think Michele and I have enough pics of each other)....

JFK Airport, Our first pic taken in NYC!

One of our first rooftop parties in NYC. I don't know how to flip it in stupid blogger.

Yankees Madness. Dave and Lil Steve took us to game..

Boston College V. BYU

T. Gill's visit...

Monday, February 19, 2007

"This Time"

So... the long weekend is over, and it's back to the grind, sad. Hopefully I can make it through the long day of school tomorrow, and then Wednesday it's off to Utah.

Here's the only picture of the weekend... I've lost my battery charger so I haven't been taking any pics lately.... wah wah...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Oops, I Did it Again"

I got a text from Pinkie yesterday that said... "Spears is bald." I took a moment and wondered exactly where Britney was bald. That's sad that I would wonder that, but with Britney you never know.

Britney, Britney, Britney....

We all want you to be normal for us...


Thank you.

Friday, February 16, 2007

"The Laws Have Changed"

WOW! Two posts in one day you ask? I just couldn't help myself.

Peter became an official member of the Utah State Bar yesterday. I'm super proud of him and just wanted to say CONGRATS Lil' Brudder! Peter, I guess you are no longer one of the more dumbs!

I stole these pics from Tia...

I especially like this first pic because of Peter's smirk... He can't ever be serious, silly Peter.

"The Perfect Crime #2"

It's President's Day Weekend, and where am I going?

I know you're wondering where I'm going because I ALWAYS go out of town on three day weekends, right? Oh wait, that was in my old life, back when I had a car, could go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted, and had friends who loved to travel. Well, I tried and tried to make plans to escape this weekend, but FAILED miserably, and now I am left with nothing but the stinky city for my long three day weekend.

I was trying to remember what I did the last couple PDW's... they were pretty eventful.

Last year I went with Dave and Brains to VegASS for the Coldplay show. What a good show. (Chris Martin, I'm yours anytime you're ready.) Why was I with Dave and Brains, and not Dave and Nici? Because the week before the show Nici decided to up and move to Denver, leaving me behind. The show was good because it brought me out of the deep depression I felt from her abandonment. Oh ya.. we also hit up Zions... I miss a quick trip down south.... ( I, strangely enough, don't have any pics from this little trip, sad, I know -- DAVE PLEASE GET ON THIS AND SEND THEM TO ME A YEAR LATER!).

Two years ago Matt and Annie blessed James over PDW. That's pretty funny to think about. Nate was actually going to go on that trip, but we broke up the week before so my parents ate that ticket, oops! That was a pretty fun little trip. Spencer and Christina showed up and surprised everybody, and I'm sure we wasted many hours playing nerdy games! I can't complain about having brothers living in Cali, it makes for nice winter escapes.

Here are some pics from PDW two years ago... I'd have to say James was a pretty cute baby... Be warned, I had dark dark hair then....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Cupid Draw Back Your Bow"

Yesterday was Valentines Day -- Oh what a fun holiday!

Michele made some cute, yummy cakes to celebrate. Is there anything better than yellow cake with chocolate frosting? I think not.

I'll just keep to myself how many hearts I ate; Michele, why do you do these things to me?

I got a few funny texts wishing me a happy holiday. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Matt Hunt: Hey east coast... Happy Valentines Day... I hope you get some action and I hope I do too. No this is not a mass.

Nici: Happy V-Day sweet pea! Any hot plans?

Dave: Happy Valentines Day Mail. I hope you get all sorts of action and lovin'.

Krista: Happy Vaginal Disorder Day sweet Mel!

Lindz C: Happy VALENTINES! Hope you get lots and lots of crazy lovin' today.

I'm glad that all of my friends are worried if my action needs are being fulfilled! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Bring It on Home"

The past couple days there has been some pretty big news for Utah/Mormons. It's been kind of interesting to be out of the state and hear people's reactions to everything that's been going on.

The Trolley Square shooting was allover the news, and everyone at school kept asking me if I had heard about it or not. Hearing about this shooting was so strange to me. Utah has always been my "safe place," and I've spent so many Saturdays at Trolley with my mom that it's just crazy to imagine something so horrible happening there.

Mitt's announcement
marked more big news for Mormons. This is the joke going around about that: Dick Morris, of the N Y Post, looked at the four leading GOP presidential contenders in 2008 -- John McCain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani -- and noted: "the only one of these guys who hasn't had multiple
wives is the Mormon."

Also, there was an interesting article in the New York Times involving a Mormon guy who is in one of the singles wards out here. I'm not going to go into the details, but you can check it out if you're interested.

WOW! go team Mormon, keep making the news it keeps my life interesting.

Friday, February 09, 2007

"You Only Live Once"

Here's a happy ditty that is pretty much my new obsession. It's fun and has cool lyrcis, me likey!

Some people think they're always right
Others are quiet and uptight
Others they seem so very nice nice nice nice (oh-ho)
Inside they might feel sad and wrong (oh no)

Twenty-nine different attributes
Only seven that you like
Twenty ways to see the world (oh-ho)
Twenty ways to start a fight (oh-ho)

Oh don't don't don't get up
I can't see the sunshine
I'll be waiting for you, baby
Cause I'm through
Sit me down
Shut me up
I'll calm down
And I'll get along with you

Oh men don't notice what they got
oh when they think there down on luck
a thousand ways to please your man (oh-ho)
and neither one requires a plan (I know)

Countless odd religions, too
It doesn't matter which you choose (oh no)
One stubborn way to turn your back (oh-ho)
I've guess I tried and I refuse (oh-ho)

Oh don't don't don't get up
I can't see the sunshine
I'll be waiting for you, baby
Cause I'm through
Sit me down
Shut me up
I'll calm down
And I'll get along with you

Shut me up
Shut me up
And I'll get along with you

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"In My Life"

I just got an email from dad saying:

"Hi There,

Gr Huber had cataract surgery on his left eye this morning. It went so well even he was
happy. He has macular degeneration in his left eye so they don't think it will improve
his vision a great deal." bla bla bla...

That email made me start thinking about my grandparents and how cute they are.

There's a picture of them. They're pretty amazing. My grandpa is so funny. That's about as big of a smile as you'll see from him, and my grandma is losing her mind so she's pretty funny too. I grew up about two miles away from them so growing up I got to spend a lot of time with them. I have so many amazing memories of them:

-- My grandma was really into quilting, and when I was really young I would go over there, fold all of her fabric, and drink tab (my favorite treat when I was little -- I think I was brainwashed.)

-- My grandpa used to always come over and work in the big garden. He always wore the same work hat, drove the big red truck, and was eager for us to eat whatever he was growing.

-- For an entire year my grandpa, my mom, and I would go swimming once a week at the old Dessert Gym. We would drive out there in the big red truck listening to the Nutcracker the whole way.

-- When my mom started working my grandparents did a lot for me. They always took me to my orthodontist appointments. I, unlike most teens, always looked forward to these appointments because my grandparents would always take me back to their house, make me a shake, and let me miss more school than I really needed to.

-- They also shuttled me from school, to ballet, to Consulmed, and any other various activities I had.

-- I remember the first time I moved out of my house my grandpa always had big bags of groceries for me every time I saw him.

-- When I older and could drive I would stop by their house regularly just to see how everything was going, and my grandparents got to know quite a few of my friends from this. I always thought it was so cool that they took enough of an interest in my life to get to know my friends.

-- My grandparents are both card sharks, and I can't even imagine the amount of hours I've spent playing cards with them over the years.

-- Wyoming, Wyoming, Wyoming.. Heave on Earth...

Basically, I love my grandparents, and I love that I can attribute so many things I love in life to them -- Wyoming, hand-made items, weenie dogs, playing cards, the list goes and on, but I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything. They're pretty amazing.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Nothing Better"

On Sunday night I wrote this big long post about my amazing weekend, and then right when I pushed the stupid "Publish Post" button my computer had a freak out, Firefox closed, and the post was lost forever. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

I guess I'm going to have to try to recreate the perfection that I made on Sunday.

This weekend was a pretty fun one. On Friday I decided to go home to Utah in a couple weeks. Now that is one amazing decision, and just that would have been enough to make for a weekend of pure bliss, but no.. there was more...

Friday night we went to The Apple Tree for Kelly's birthday. The show was a little random, but it was pretty cool to see Kristen Chenoweth. The venue was pretty cool too. It was in the old Studio 54. It made me wonder what it would have been like to be part of the crazy party scene that Studio 54 is famous for.

They were pretty much nazi's about not letting us take pictures in the show, but Michele and I were sneaky...

Here's some of the girls outside the theatre...

Me and the Birthday Girl!

After the show we were a little hungry to we headed up to 110th for some greasy pizza... It was so cold we hopped on a bus to go just
five short blocks....

Brace yourself... We're only halfway through the weekend...

Saturday was 80's Prom!

Could anything be better for me? Let's see.. 80's music (takes me back to the days of Area 51), dancing, dressing up, crazy makeup... the list goes on and on... And 80's Prom lived up to every expectation. I felt like I was actually in Pretty in Pink. All of my dreams came true that night.

Don't worry we got our makeup done at Sephora for the event, and I'm pretty sure we looked like 80's hookers... That's Hot!

We were scaring some people on the train... Don't worry, it's a costume people!

Wait, are these shoes from the 80's or from today?....
The Brat Pack!
Teen Girl Squad!
M&M Connection... Don't worry mom I'm not pregnant!
WOW! I'm tired and I'm glad to be done with these pics! Now you can all quit bugging me about blogging for the next few days!