Sunday, October 29, 2006

Too Tired continued...

So it's 5:00 AM, but technically it's 4:00 AM because of the time change...

Nat and I were just talking about how I have a problem with staying up too late, and I noticed the times that most of my recent posts have been done...

Take note..

I really do I have a problem.. The 1:00 AM bedtime has gone out the door...

Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm too tired...

I'm too tired to think right now.. I have that "my eyes hurt, I'm tired thing going on...

Anyways.. I just had a quick thought...

I added a counter to the blog less than a week ago, and it's been looked at almost 300 times since... but I've had about 2 comments since then...

Half the fun of writing the blog is getting your feedback.. so if you read this.. make a comment.. It's fun to get them...

But then again.. I guess most of my posts probably don't inspire any amazing ideas on your part... But just one little comment... Come on guys.. It's not that hard.. Let's make it a mutual relationship....Instead of you taking and taking and taking...

Sunday, October 22, 2006


This has been a pretty crazy week for me. I've been having so many random thoughts running through my head about the value of life and how fast your life can change.

The following story was written by A Random John at Mormon Mentality. It's just another example of how fast your life can change, and how your belief system can change any given moment.

"We went to see Superman Returns last night. The first two minutes were great, the rest was fine as well. We would have seen it earlier but we had other priorities on nights when we had a babysitter.

On the way home we noticed people in the middle of the street and realized there had been an accident and that emergency workers hadnÂ’t arrived yet. My wife is a doctor so I put on my hazard lights and drove up as close as I could. She jumped out and I found a place to park the car.

When I got there I noticed a minivan about halfway through the intersection. It looked like a deer had gone through the window. Unfortunately what had gone through the window was the guy lying in the crosswalk. It was not a pretty scene and there was lots of blood all over him though he didn’t seem to be bleeding from anywhere in particular. He was conscious and answering my wife’s questions. He claimed to understand that he shouldn’t move but kept trying to. Once the questions were done and it was established that all we could do was wait for the paramedics we talked to him to try to calm him down. He told us his name and repeated that he was very worried about his legs. Realizing that there was very little I could do I asked if he was LDS. He said he wasn’t. I explained that I could give him a blessing if he wanted. “No, I’m an atheist.” I replied that I respected that. I took a moment and stepped back and said a silent prayer for him, hoping that he wouldn’t notice and that I wasn’t violating the spirit of his wish.

Once the paramedics arrived and my wife told them the pertinent information we were no longer useful so we left. I reflected on what I would do if I had just been hit by a car, thrown from one side of a large intersection to the other, and was bleeding in the street. I think that I would have accepted a blessing from just about anyone. Even Tom Cruise. But I also have admiration for this man, who at a critical moment in his life, was true to his own beliefs."

"Reason Why"

Any of you who have ever lived with me know that when I have a song on mind I listen to it, and I listen to it, and I listen to it. I listen to it until nobody in their right mind would be able to listen to anymore. People have been known to hate me for this, and I'm sorry, but I can't help it that I get obsessed with certain songs.

Here are the lyrics to the song of the week. It's a good one you should listen to it if you can...

I think about how it might have been
We'd spend out days travelin'
It's not that I don't understand you
It's not that I don't want to be with you
But you only wanted me
The way you wanted me

So, I will head out along and hope for the best
And we can hang out heads down
As we skip the goodbyes
And you can tell the world what you want them to hear
I've got nothing left to lose, my dear
So, I'm up for the little white lies
But you and I know the reason why
I'm gone, and you're still there
I'm gone, and you're still there
I'm gone, and you're still there

I'll buy a magazine searching for your face
From coast to coast, or whatever I find my place
I'll track you on the radios, and
I'll sign your list in a different name
But as close as I come to you
It's not the same

So, I will head out along and hope for the best
We can pat ourselves on the back
As say that we tried
And if one of us makes it big
We can spill our regrets
And talk about how the love never dies
But you and I know the reason why
I'm gone, and you're still there
I'm gone, and you're still there
I'm gone, and you're still there

So, steal the show, and do your best
To cover the tracks that I have left
I wish you well and hope you find
Whatever you're looking for
The way I might've changed my mind,
But you only showed my the door

So, I will head out along and hope for the best
We can pat ourselves on the back
And say that we tried
And if one of us makes it big
We can spill our regrets
And talk about how the love never dies
But you and I, you and I know the reason why

Friday, October 20, 2006

"Welcome to the Old Apartment"

This is where I used to live just three short months ago. Looks like I moved out just in time. I just hope mold doesn't start growing in the roomies lungs... that would be bad news!


I'm getting pretty excited for Halloween this year. There's nothing like a night of dancing while being dressed up! The last two of years I've been a Goth for the big night, and I have to say, both times I was been pretty happy about my decision to wear all black. I mean there's nothing sexier than a girl dressed in black.

Last night I was trying to talk some friends into doing the whole Goth thing again, but they weren't going for it. I thought maybe these pictures would help convince them.

On second thought, they might dissuade them. When Michele saw this picture of herself she said to me, "Mel, I look like a sick whore! Why did you let me wear that?" I thought she looked cute, but I guess she can always use the holiday as an excuse, right?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Another Part of Me"

So everyone always says that Olivia and I look the same...

What do you think?

Maybe if you took away my orange skin?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

The family has come and gone. I had good time playing tour guide, as usual. We did a lot of fun stuff, spent a lot of money, and ate a lot of food.

We all agreed that having the men around would have sucked all the fun out!

Here are some pics from the visit...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"I'm Really Hot"

Apparently I'm not really hot. In fact I'm not even cute. I think I might be on the level of "good personality" or "sweet spirit." Yep, pretty sure after today I've realized that's what I am.

I was in my first class this morning, and I was kind of spacing out. Actually I was thinking of a personal story that had to do with what we were talking about in class.

My professor was lecturing, and she stopped right in the middle of it, looked at me, and said "Melissa, you look really pitiful today."

Me: "Um... okay?"

Professor: "I don't mean that as an insult, I just mean you look really pitiful."

Me: "I don't know how to respond to that, but I was just thinking... bla bla bla..." I told her how what we were talking about applied to me.

Professor: "Thanks for your comment.. bla bla bla."

And on we continued with the class.

I mean sure I was running on five hours of sleep, hadn't showered since Saturday, and hadn't eaten, so I'm sure I looked like hell, but I still thought that was a strange thing for her to say to me.

A bunch of people came up to me after class and said how shocked they were that she said that to me.

What is it with me and attracting unwanted attention from professors?

"Things That Really Matter"

Hair, Makeup, Skin, Clothes, Weight, bla bla bla... The list goes on and on... Stupid things girls and women worry about. I do it too, we all do, and I think this clip helps explain why.

My brother said that every teenager needs to see this--I agree, but I also think that every woman needs to see this. The pressures to look a certain way don't go away after the teenage years. It's important to remember that looking the way women do in the media is not real.

So here it is... what really happens to make a woman look like the "ideal."

Monday, October 16, 2006

"Long Day"

The day started out pretty good. Just like any other NYC Sunday--slept in, went to church, went to dinner group, went to dessert party, came home to do homework, and then...

Well, first of all the homework took quite a bit longer than it should have. I hate it when that happens. Usually that is my fault. I end up messing around on the internet for a while, chatting with Michele for a while, and when I finally get around to my stuff I don't feel like doing it, so I do it really really slow. Anyways... I was working on my essay, and Michele got a call with some bad news. The news was a shocker, and so we were talking about that when...

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a mouse run across the floor. Ok, I can handle bugs, I can handle dirt, grime and messes, I can even handle rats on the subway, but I cannot handle mice running around on the floor in my house. So I stood on the couch for a while, screaming, watching the mouse run around the floor (remember this is at 2:00 AM so I'm sure my neighbors woke up from the screaming). Eventually the little guy made his way out of the apartment door.

The worst part is Michele has to go home for a week now, and I'm going to be left alone with a mouse in my apartment. Right now I can't even walk on the floor... I've been walking around on all of the furniture, and I think I'm going to cry, puke, and kill myself if I see the mouse while I'm home alone this week.

Anyways, it's now 2:56 AM, I'm still awake, and scared to go to sleep because I know the mouse will crawl on my while I'm asleep, and when I wake up in the morning I'm going to be all alone.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Welcome to the Cruel World" pt. 2

Many of my precious readers have been asking me for a follow up to "Welcome to the Cruel World," so here it is...

I emailed my professor after that incident, and I explained that maybe she had misunderstood what I had said in class, but I didn't need to reconsider my values. I never received a response from her, and when Tuesday rolled around again I was a little nervous to go to class.

I got to class on Tuesday and after we finished the business of the day, our professor brought up the issue of values again. She said she had received many emails from students with concerns about the discussion the week before, and it had been on her mind. She said she realized that what she had said was judging other's values, which was what she had been trying to prevent in the first place. She also said she wants to be able to have conversations in class about personal issues, and she wants people to be able to share their opinions without feeling judged. I felt that she was very sincere in saying this, and other people in the class actually apologized for things they had I said.

After class I emailed my professor again, and said that I appreciated what she had said in class, and I, too, hope that people will be able to be open in class without the fear of being judged. She responded immediately and said she appreciated my sincerity and hopes that I continue to contribute to class.

Overall I think this ended pretty well. It seems that the whole incident actually made my very opinionated professor think about some of her biases and face them.

Can I just say this is what I love about being in school again!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



"Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss"

I like the blog to be pretty, and it's not pretty when there are too many words and not enough pictures.

Here is a random picture I stole from a friend's myspace. It's a night at Freaky Dee's after the prom...

Monday, October 09, 2006

"Tiny Dancer"

On Friday night we went to the "Fall into Dance Festival". This is a two week long dance festival that many of the major companies perform at including the New York Ballet, American Ballet, Martha Graham Company, etc. It was really fun to see the different styles of dance.

After each company performed, the lights would come up, and there would a few minute break. During the breaks we would read in the program about the upcoming performances.

We were a little anxious when we read that the next dance..."explores the impact of traditional society on an intercultural gay relationship." I didn't quite know what to expect after reading that description.

This dance was pretty interesting. It was a solo by a man. He started dancing around, and it was fine until he stuck his hand (yes, believe it), stuck his hand down his pants, not once, but twice. The awkward thing was that he would let his hand linger there for what seemed like a substantial amount of time. Of course when the lingering occurred Michele and I started giggling. We couldn't help ourselves. It was just so strange.

Luckily, this dance was shorter than the others, and there weren't any other dances like that.

Overall, the festival was really entertaining, and I was glad we went despite the hand lingering.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Keep On Rockin' In The Free World"

On Wednesday night I was walking home from my yoga class on campus and found myself in the middle of an immigration protest. It was pretty interesting. There were quite a few people holding up sings, screaming, talking with reporters, etc.

I made my way to a corner close by and watched for a few minutes. I wasn't quite sure why they were protesting on that specific corner on that specific night until I received the following email yesterday...

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community,

Columbia University has always been, and will always be, a place
where students and faculty engage directly with important public
issues. We are justifiably proud of the traditions here of
intellectual inquiry and vigorous debate. The disruption on
Wednesday night that resulted in the termination of an event
organized by the Columbia College Republicans in Lerner Hall
represents, in my judgment, one of the most serious breaches of
academic faith that can occur in a university such as ours.

Of course, the University is thoroughly investigating the incident,
and it is critically important not to prejudge the outcome of that
inquiry with respect to individuals. But, as we made clear in our
University statements on both Wednesday night and Thursday, we must
speak out to deplore a disruption that threatens the central
principle to which we are institutionally dedicated, namely to
respect the rights of others to express their views.

This is not complicated: Students and faculty have rights to invite
speakers to the campus. Others have rights to hear them. Those who
wish to protest have rights to do so. No one, however, shall have
the right or the power to use the cover of protest to silence
speakers. This is a sacrosanct and inviolable principle.

It is unacceptable to seek to deprive another person of his or her
right of expression through actions such as taking a stage and
interrupting a speech. We rightly have a visceral rejection of
this behavior, because we all sense how easy it is to slide from
our collective commitment to the hard work of intellectual
confrontation to the easy path of physical brutishness. When the
latter happens, we know instinctively we are all threatened.

We have extensive University policies governing the actions of
members of this community with respect to free speech and the
conduct of campus events. Administrators began identifying those
involved in the incident as it transpired and continue to
investigate specific violations of University policies to ensure
full accountability by those found to be responsible.

University personnel are also evaluating event management practices
that are specifically intended to help event organizers,
participants, and protestors maintain a safe environment in which
to engage in meaningful and sometimes contentious debate across the
spectrum of academic and political issues. These are some of the
many steps we intend to take in the weeks ahead to address this
matter in our community.

Let me reaffirm: In a society committed to free speech, there will
inevitably be times when speakers use words that anger, provoke,
and even cause pain. Then, more than ever, we are called on to
maintain our courage to confront bad words with better words. That
is the hallmark of a university and of our democratic society. It
is also one of our central safeguards against the impulses of
intolerance that always threaten to engulf our commitment to proper
respect for every person.


Lee C. Bollinger

This incident reminded me of when Michael Moore came to UVSC, and everybody was protesting it. That drove me nuts. Isn't that what college, and life in general, is all about... listening to points that may differ from yours and deciding whether or not you agree, or stating an opposing view point?

Anyways... I thought it was kind of an interesting reminder of what our country is all about.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Welcome to the Cruel World"

Social Workers tend to claim to be open minded. I guess they have to be (or should be) to do what they do. Often times social workers have to (or at least are supposed to) overlook their own value set and help individuals by "starting where the client is."

On Tuesday in one of my classes we started talking about how to work with individuals when their values may be different from yours. This brought up many issues such as corporal punishment, abortion, etc. I brought up the issue of premarital sex, and stated that I work with teen mothers, and my value set is very different from theirs, but I don't use my values to judge the girls. I said that I was just as effective working with teen mothers as someone who didn't believe in waiting to have sex till marriage. My professor told me that I should, "reconsider my values." Obviously, I was pretty offended by this, and she could tell. She proceeded to tell another student, who happens to think that corporal punishment is an appropriate way to discipline children, that she, "appreciated her personal comments." I was pretty bothered that she appreciated comments about corporal punishment being acceptable, but she thought I should reconsider my values about premarital sex.

The professor approached me after class, and asked if I was okay. I told her that maybe she has misunderstood what I had said. I explained to her that I had already considered my values and that they weren't going to change, and I didn't need to reconsider them anymore, but I was trying to be aware of how my own values may affect the way I interact with clients. I further explained that I believed that I could work with individuals whose values may be different from mine without placing a value judgment on them. She said, "that's fine Melissa, but I'm just asking you to reconsider." Then she walked away.

I find it pretty interesting that someone can preach "acceptance" unless it comes to conservative values. I guess to her everything is acceptable unless it has to do with religion or traditional values.

Anyways... after class I emailed my professor to try to further explain myself, and I have yet to hear back from her. We will see what she has to say.

Until then... I guess I will reconsider my values...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Star Mile"

Since I started school and my internship I've tried to have a bedtime of one. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. What seems to regularly keep it from working is the stupid internet.

Tonight I'm awake because I promised my brother I would check out his new Mormon Blog. If you're into that kind of stuff you should check it out. I'm sure it's going to have a lot of interesting stuff on it.

Now, I'm off to bed only an hour later than I hoped to be!

Monday, October 02, 2006

"Happy Birthday"

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that I'm annoying and obsessed with my nieces and nephews. They're just so cute, how could I not talk about them all the time?

It was Paul's birthday last week, and unfortunately I was in NYC and missed all the excitement, but my bro just sent me a pretty cute highlight video.

Check it out...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Chasing Cars"

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this show?

My life will be complete when I see McDreamy down in the East Village!

I think these videos will help explain my obsession...